A Bright and Bold Home Office: Adding Color to Your Workspace

The contemporary interior of this private apartment is infused with lively and youthful accents that exude an energetic vibe. Created by One More Buro, the 186 square meter living space was crafted for a young couple and their feline companion. With four expansive panoramic windows, the house is illuminated with natural light, enhancing the spacious ambiance. The living area contains a vibrant orange workspace, serving as a focal point and facilitating the couple to spend quality time together while engaged in different activities. A separate home office and guest bedroom provide a private space for concentrated work, while a home fitness center caters to the owners’ physical wellbeing.

The main request from the customer was to have a workspace integrated into their living area, without it interfering with their home life. They needed a tailored unit that could fit all of their equipment. To meet their needs, we designed an entire wall of cabinets in a bright orange shade to create a fun and lively atmosphere. This unique piece stands out in the youthful interior and sets the tone for the rest of the space.

Incorporating bold accent pieces into the overall decor plan creates a lively and dynamic atmosphere, making tranquil white spaces even more valuable. A cozy sofa with creamy white upholstery is complemented by matching drapes and clean, white walls, resulting in a serene ambiance. To add contrast, a black tripod floor lamp serves as a striking focal point.

The wooden floor treatment is adorned by a white living room rug, creating a bright and airy focal point in the room.

Smooth and circular coffee tables bring a touch of sophistication to any living area with their striking white and vibrant green designs.

The vibrant orange cabinets in the home office serve as the muse for the orange border surrounding the TV wall and the adjacent bookshelf. To create a striking contrast, two white lounge chairs are placed beside it.

The lounge is connected to the adjacent room through a glass block wall that allows the natural light to pass through.

There’s plenty of space on the desk to fit two computer screens comfortably, and even some extra room. The desk chair is designed to move smoothly between the screens and the storage units located on either side. It’s all built with ergonomic considerations in mind, so you can work comfortably for longer periods of time.

You can add a touch of modern style and functionality to your workspace by installing a floating shelf with a built-in LED strip light. This innovative addition will illuminate your desktop and keyboard with a bright, yet ambient glow.

As you step into the lounge, you’ll immediately notice how it seamlessly transitions into the spacious kitchen diner. But what really catches the eye is the one-of-a-kind rectangular dining table with a sturdy green base.

This contemporary fruit bowl serves a practical purpose while also making a statement as the focal point of your table.

The kitchen island incorporates the dining table and doubles as a breakfast bar along its outer edge.

The kitchen features white units without handles that are seamlessly integrated into the white painted walls.

The kitchen sink tap in a flat white shade beautifully complements the corresponding countertop.

The entryway serves as a central hub that connects all the areas of the house. It’s interesting to note that there’s also a unique passageway for the cat on the upper level, allowing it to move effortlessly over the door frames.

The orange framework in the room draws your focus towards a series of pre-installed coat closets. The mirrored doors on these closets help to widen and brighten up the area, even though there are no windows present.

An artistic arrangement is created by placing a distinct entryway bench alongside a vivid painting near the front door.

The home office is a versatile space that also serves as a guest room, complete with a cozy sofa bed and a stylish black accent chair.

The mint desk is paired with a chic white desk chair and the lounge area is defined by a matching white area rug.

As one of the homeowners spends a significant amount of time on his computer, even for leisure purposes, it was essential to offer flexible screen time options.

The gym at home is designed in such a way that it is open to the hallway, allowing for better air circulation.

To address the issue of insufficient natural light in the gym, glass blocks and perimeter LEDs were installed as there were no windows in the area.

As you work from home, the indoor plants in your office create a beautiful green outline visible through the gym’s glass blocks.

The main bedroom is a peaceful retreat featuring a stylish four-poster bed with a contemporary design.

To create a dreamy atmosphere, the 4 poster bed is adorned with soft sheer drapes. The top of the headboard wall is accentuated with a strip of LED lighting for a touch of elegance.

Contemporary wall fixtures offer targeted illumination for reading while nestled in bed. The tranquil grey bedding is complemented by lush curtains in a similar shade of dove grey.

A daring Moustache Bold chair adds a touch of glamour to a compact makeup station situated within a walk-in closet. The vibrant orange hue of the chair complements the color scheme of the nearby home office and hallway closets.

A sleek white TV stand sits neatly at the bottom of a luxurious 4 poster bed, contrasting perfectly against the smooth grey accent wall. The bedroom’s entrance is graced by a stunning archway that leads to the ensuite bathroom.

The walk-in closet boasts a shelving system that helps to keep clothing neatly organized.

You can easily inspect your outfit of the day with the help of a big circular mirror.

The master bathroom’s ensuite boasts a change in mood from lively orange to serene olive green. The statement wall behind the bathtub is made up of textured green tiles that create a three-dimensional effect.

A toilet that’s wall-mounted is cleverly concealed in a nook next to the shower. The shower itself is lined with additional tiles, adding a sense of depth and texture.

For the guest bathroom, we decided to go with a bold and eye-catching decor scheme that centers around the color orange. We chose an orange vanity unit and upper storage cabinet to give the space a cohesive look, and even used orange tile grout for an added pop of color.

The orange hue seems to touch even the shower doors and towel heater.

The white tiles behind the vanity unit get a pop of color with an orange tinted glass sheet placed on it. This adds a touch of uniqueness to the overall design.

Let’s talk about the layout of a space. A floor plan is a diagram that shows the arrangement of rooms and their sizes in a building. It’s like a map for your home or office. Essentially, it’s the blueprint for how you want to organize your living or working space. By having a floor plan, you can envision your future space and make decisions about furniture placement, traffic flow, and functionality. It’s an essential tool for architects, interior designers, and anyone who wants to design their own space.

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