A dog with a broken leg feels that the woman is here to help him, so he jumps into her arms

A woman was driving down a secluded country road when she saw something moving through the thorny undergrowth alongside the road. She investigated further and soon saw an injured dog limping through the dense brush. The dog, wounded and lonely, was so glad to see her that he jumped over the undergrowth and threw himself into the woman’s arms despite her agonizing wounds.

The dog, later named Vlad, appeared disturbingly emaciated and was desperate for help. He knew the woman was her only chance to survive from her, so he hugged her and climbed into her car with a newfound hope. The poor guy was so hungry that he tried to gobble up a pack of tissues in the car, ilovemydog writes.

Vlad was taken in by the “Howl Of A Dog” rescue group. Initial veterinary evaluation of him determined that he had double fractures to his legs, possibly from a hit-and-run. The wounds had gotten worse because they were at least a week old, which meant that Vlad had been out there starving and suffering alone all that time.

Vlad had to undergo an emergency operation to solve the problems with his extremities. His rehabilitation was difficult, but the shelter workers encouraged him and gave him the strength to continue fighting the pain and discomfort until he was healed. With more exercise, he regained full function of his injured paw and became a bright, handsome boy.

Vlad has found his dream home in Phoenix, Arizona, and lives like a prince. His new dad, Curt, has renamed him “Buddy,” which fits perfectly with the dog’s friendly and loyal personality. Have a good life Buddy and always smile

Click the video below to watch Vlad’s rescue after he was found limping and rotting in the middle of nowhere.

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