A Feline’s Fortuitous Encounter: Stray Kitten Finds New Home in Woman’s Warm Embrace

AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue reached out to Nadija, an animal rescuer and fosterer, regarding a kitten that was found near a resident’s home. The poor feline was malnourished and had crust covering its face. Upon seeing the kitten’s condition, Nadija hurried to the location, hoping to take the sickly cat to an emergency vet. When they arrived, the kitten was hesitant to approach them, scurrying from one hideout to another, making it a challenge for her rescuers.

As we were running around playing tag, I had an idea to play a YouTube video of a mama cat meowing. To my surprise, within a few seconds, a little kitten came running towards me, meowing back and looking delighted. I couldn’t help but wonder if she thought I was another cat or maybe even her mother calling out to her. Without hesitation, I picked her up and took her to the emergency room. During the car ride, she was kneading away in the carrier, creating little biscuits, and then flopped over for some snuggles.

Rue, the adorable kitten, was dealing with several health problems such as an upper respiratory infection, eye infection, dehydration, and stomach issues. To get the necessary treatment, she had to stay overnight at the eR. It was evident that Rue didn’t feel well, and the environment was unfamiliar, but she kept herself entertained by making biscuits all night long.

The following day, Rue’s spirits were lifted and she began to eat her food and take her medication like a pro. Nadija, a friend of Rue’s, returned to take her home for foster care, which made Rue ecstatic. “She cuddled up and even engaged in playtime, and that’s when I realized Rue would make a full recovery,” Nadija expressed.

Gradually, Rue started to embrace the concept of living with others in a cozy home where there was room to roam. Her facial crust disappeared, her breathing improved, and she became more active. She learned to relish the pleasure of playing with toys and got used to the comfort of being inside. As a result, she became less anxious and more at ease.

At the beginning, Rue was a scared and quiet kitten who would get startled easily by loud noises or sudden movements. However, after several weeks, she has become a more confident feline. It’s amazing how much she has changed! Nowadays, Rue enjoys sleeping in a cozy basket filled with blankets. Whenever she snuggles in, she falls asleep right away.

This little kitty loves to play and cause mischief with the other foster kittens in the house. Whenever she sees a toy, she jumps right into action, batting it around with her new-found cat personality.

One thing that brings her joy is finding the perfect sunny spot in the house for sunbathing, which she’s quite skilled at. Rue and Ari, the tuxedo cats, decided to bask in the warmth together, holding paws while soaking up the sunshine.

Rue, once a timid kitten who preferred hiding, has transformed into a valiant and playful feline. She now enjoys racing around the house with her cat buddies, while displaying her tail up high. Nadija shared that Rue is affectionate and playful towards her, making it heartwarming to witness her newfound confidence and happiness. It’s especially gratifying considering the difficult start she had.

This adorable little kitty is all set to embark on a journey to find a forever home where she can cuddle up with her new loving family every single day.

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