A Heartwarming Moment: Scarlett Johansson’s Loving Embrace with Daughter Rose During Ghost In The Shell Shoot in New Zealand

Scarlett Johansson is gearing up to portray a cyborg who fights crime in her forthcoming movie, Ghost In The Shell. Nonetheless, the role that she cherishes the most is that of being a mother to her darling 16-month-old daughter, Rose. The actress, who is 31 years old, was spotted lovingly holding her little one while taking a stroll through Cuba Street Mall in Wellington during a pause from shooting in New Zealand.

She's a natural! Scarlett Johansson was seen tenderly cradling her daughter Rose as she strolled through Cuba Street Mall in Wellington  in New Zealand

Look at her go! Scarlett Johansson was spotted lovingly holding her little one, Rose, while taking a leisurely walk through Cuba Street Mall in Wellington, New Zealand.

Hands on: Despite having an entourage with her including a nanny, the mother-of-one insisted on carrying her daughter as she took a break from filming Ghost In The Shell

Active parenting: Even with a group of assistants including a nanny, the mother who has one child made sure to carry her daughter herself while taking a break from filming Ghost in the Shell. The devoted mom’s little girl was seen relaxing on her shoulder as Scarlett strolled down the street. The Hollywood star made a pit stop at a nearby bookstore to buy a copy of Jeffrey Eugenides’ popular book, The Marriage Plot, while her toddler stayed in the stroller under the watchful eye of the nanny.

Casually clad: The Captain America: Civil War actress dressed comfortably for the occasion in a pair of light-wash, high-waist jeans with the bottoms rolled up

Dressed in a relaxed manner, the star of the movie Captain America: Civil War opted for comfort by wearing light-washed high-waist jeans with rolled-up bottoms.

Her main role: Seemingly a natural at the motherly juggle, Scarlett allowed her bub to rest her head on her shoulder as she sauntered along the pavement

Mummy mode: Going makeup-free for the occasion, the blonde superstar made sure to don her sizable engagement ring and a delicate silver necklace

Scarlett embraced her maternal instincts by holding her little one close to her chest while the baby took a nap with her head comfortably resting on Scarlett’s shoulder.

Incognito: She added a newsboy cap, which aided in her disguise as she attempted to fly under the radar

Going incognito, she decided to wear a newsboy cap to avoid being recognized and draw less attention to herself. She hoped this disguise would help her stay under the radar and go unnoticed.

After picking up a romance novel from the store, the group kept walking before taking a break to enjoy some ice cream at a cafe nearby. The actress opted for a comfortable outfit, sporting light-wash high-waisted jeans with rolled-up bottoms and a grey sweater. To complete her look, she accessorized with a messenger purse, glasses, and a newsboy cap to stay incognito. Her bright pink trainers added a pop of color to her otherwise casual ensemble. Despite being a regular on the red carpet, she seemed content with blending in during this outing.

New purchase: Emerging from the store with the romance novel in her arms

Recent acquisition: Stepping out of the shop clutching the love story book in her embrace.

Bookworm: Scarlett stopped off at a local bookstore where she purchased Jeffrey Eugenides best seller, The Marriage Plot

Shopping trip: While she perused the bookshelves she left the toddler in her pram in the care of her nanny

Scarlett visited a local bookstore and bought The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides while her nanny watched over her toddler in the pram. She opted for a natural look without makeup, but showcased her engagement ring and silver necklace. Accompanying her was Rose, dressed in a colorful mix of blue and red printed tights, a bright yellow parka jacket, pink socks, and purple shoes. Scarlett, who recently arrived in Wellington with her French husband Romain Dauriac, has been enjoying her time exploring the city without much attention.

She's got her own style! Rose was also warmly dressed in a eclectic ensemble consisting of blue and red printed tights, a bright yellow parka jacket, pink socks and purple shoes

Rose’s fashion sense is truly unique! She looked cozy and fashionable in a quirky outfit featuring red and blue patterned leggings, a vibrant yellow parka coat, pink socks, and purple footwear.

Quick treat: The group then stopped off once more to grab ice cream at a nearby cafe

Natural beauty: She carried a messenger purse whilst donning glasses for the outing

The group made a quick stop to get some ice cream at a nearby cafe. According to an article from the New Zealand Herald, a local witness reported seeing Scarlett arrive at a gym in South Wellington with a group while wearing training gear, trainers and a hat. The source mentioned that to the casual observer, she appeared like any ordinary person and not like a celebrity. Currently, Scarlett, her husband and daughter are residing in a gated mansion in Seatoun Heights overlooking the Wellington Harbour while she is filming Ghost In The Shell. The film is based on the manga of the same name by Masamune Shirow and takes place in 2029. Scarlett is playing the role of Motoko Kusanagi, a female special ops cyborg who leads the elite task force known as Section 9 in their mission to bring down the notorious hacker Puppet Master. Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman) will direct the movie, which also stars English actor Sam Riley (Maleficent).

Cute couple: Scarlett is married to French journalist Romain Dauriac

Adorable twosome: Scarlett has tied the knot with French reporter Romain Dauriac.

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