A Majestic Getaway: Experience Modern Luxury in a Country House with a Stunning Skylight and Lush Garden.

Grosvenor House located in Koncha Zaspa, Ukraine is a unique country house that stands out for its exceptional style. This stunning dwelling, spanning over 3071.1 square meters, has been imaginatively designed by YoDezeen. The expansive double-height living room boasts an enthralling mirrored fireplace, an imposing TV wall made from a grand rock face, and a bed of beautiful mature bonsai trees that creates a serene connection with nature. The interior landscaping is further enhanced by a bed of mossy rocks that imparts an ancient sense of belonging. A huge expanse of windows on the opposite side of the room opens up to a verdant garden, flooding the space with natural light. The steel-sided staircase features long skylights that cut through the roof, and there is also a breathtaking walk-in wardrobe.

An impressive fireplace with two sides creates a reflective effect, stretching across the wide living room to separate the TV area from the cozy sitting space. Intricately designed lighting fixtures extend towards the center of the room and up to the mezzanine landing, elegantly linking the two spaces together.

Beside the television, a stylish table lamp illuminates the rough texture of a remarkable rock face feature wall. A distinct floor lamp stands tall between two contemporary lounge chairs in a cozy cappuccino hue.

The opulent living room boasts huge windows that open up to the garden, providing a seamless link between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The comfortable L-shaped sofa doubles as a convenient bed at one end, complete with a side table that’s perfect for placing a laptop.

The contemporary sofa in the room is perfectly complemented by a spacious modern coffee table, which enhances the elongated design of the sofa and highlights the generous size of the space.

The spacious room exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere, thanks to the wooden ceiling panels that adorn it. Carefully installed recessed track lights blend seamlessly into the ceiling, distributing a soft and uniform glow across the entire expanse of the room.

A unique TV stand has been crafted to fit perfectly along the entire length of the stunning rock wall.

Vertical tiles and columns made of rock add a touch of contemporary edginess to the design. The bonsai trees, though they may seem out of place in a modern home, exude an ancient wisdom and nobility, creating a sense of serene grandeur.

Additional towering floor lamps surround the lounge area opposite the fireplace.

The swivel armchair and modern side tables are complemented by a theme of round shapes that create a cohesive design. A light creamy rug is placed to define the area and highlight the fireplace’s light marble hearth.

The stairway’s layout is revealed under a magnificent skylight. Steel bars that run from the floor to the ceiling have been added to emphasize the stunning vertical space and to disperse sunlight throughout the area.

Looking at it from a different perspective, the steps of the staircase seem to be hanging in the air at an angle. The steel rods that support it cascade down like the roaring downpour of rain in a tropical climate, creating a stunning contrast against the peaceful backdrop of the bonsai garden below.

The uplights create a stunning effect by casting golden highlights on the branches that reach upwards and the rocks covered in moss.

A stunning display of linear chandeliers is suspended in triples above a magnificent twelve-place dining set in the opulent dining room.

Introducing a touch of nature to your dining area can be achieved with a live edge wood dining table. The beauty of the wood grain is on full display, stretching across the centre of the table. To complement this natural look, taupe dining chairs featuring timber legs will do just the trick.

Towards the rear of the space, a lavish marble kitchen setup is accompanied by a dining island made of natural wood.

A hidden surprise awaits behind a marble wall. As you slide the exquisitely veined white panels, a niche of modern kitchen equipment is unveiled.

A cozy lounge area has been cleverly placed between the kitchen and the more formal dining room. The stylish addition includes a trendy settee and a set of circular nesting coffee tables that bring a touch of metal to the otherwise neutral color scheme.

The spacious home is designed with earthy brown accents and wooden elements to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in every room.

The brown accent chairs have matching cushions in the same color on the couch.

The metal rod chair frames evoke memories of the grand steel balustrades that adorned the stunning staircase design.

Visually stunning sculptures and wall art add a touch of culture and fluidity to the space. The glass coffee table set is elegantly understated, with the addition of decorative glass vessels for added visual interest.

The primary unit features three areas, namely the sleeping quarters, restroom, and closet, all fashioned in cheery and cozy hues.

The luxurious platform bed is adorned with warm brown accent pillows and a complementing throw. To add functionality, the headboard features reading lights on its wings that perfectly synchronize with the stunning pendant lights in the bedroom. The light-grey bench placed at the end of the bed blends harmoniously with the bed’s soft upholstery.

The walk-in closet is truly awe-inspiring. The pathway is illuminated by natural sunlight and extends into the canopy of trees, with gleaming glass cabinets on either side.

The shelves inside the wardrobes are adorned with an elegant collection of hat boxes and accessory trays, all arranged in a fashionable manner behind the glass fronts.

The bathroom in the master suite is absolutely lavish, with mirrors and glass covering the walls and creating a stunning reflection of the surrounding outdoor trees.

The stunning vanity in the bathroom is adorned with sophisticated lights and made of marble and lattin.

An awe-inspiring shower enclosure is built with tinted glass panels that extend from the floor all the way up to the ceiling.

The bathroom walls are adorned with natural stone.

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