A Stunning Fish with Colorful Patterns That Resemble Creatures from ‘Avatar’

The internet in Japan is abuzz with photos of a fish that looks unusually bright and flashy, making people wonder if it was digitally enhanced.

On the previous Friday, the well-known YouTube channel named Fishing Gang Azusa shared a captivating photo of their latest catch on Twitter which was a dazzling fish that seemed almost unreal. People were skeptical if it was an original or just an outcome of excessive editing. However, after Azusa shared a video of capturing the fish on their YouTube channel, the images gained popularity on social media. The video displays the extraordinary fish in all its glory, leaving the audience astonished that such a peculiar species even exists.

The brightly colored fish, resembling a work of art, is called ‘Kinubella’ in Japan, and ‘surge wrasse’ (Thalassoma purpureum) in the Western world. Found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans, this fish lives in reefs and rocky areas. Despite its seemingly poisonous appearance, it is safe to eat, though not commonly caught for commercial purposes. However, it is highly valued as an aquarium fish. A photo of this unique creature was recently shared on the Fishing Gang Azusa Twitter page, garnering over 200,000 likes and 37,000 retweets. With its otherworldly appearance, some have suggested that it belongs in James Cameron’s Avatar.

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