A Touching Tale of a Woman, a Kitten, and a Journey to Empowerment through Literacy

It was 13 years back when Erin Merrin came across an abandoned ginger cat. The moment she picked him up, he held on tightly and never looked back. Since then, Bailey, the furry feline, has been a part of Erin’s life for over a decade. What’s remarkable is how much Bailey adores Erin’s four-year-old daughter, Abby. He has become a guardian angel for her!

During her college years, Erin, a resident of Illinois, came across Bailey, a sweet little kitten that stole her heart. Upon holding him in her arms, the feline gripped her hands with such force that it touched Erin’s soul. After spending countless hours bonding with Bailey, Erin found herself unable to return him to his cage. So, she decided to hide the kitten in her student dormitory, despite knowing that pets weren’t allowed. However, after a week, her secret was revealed, and Erin was given 48 hours to get rid of Bailey. This news devastated Erin as her parents already had two cats and a dog and weren’t planning on adopting another animal. After several phone calls, Erin was finally able to find a single woman who agreed to take care of Bailey. Erin shed tears for hours, and even though her father consoled her by saying that she could adopt another kitten in the future, Erin knew that no other cat would be able to replace Bailey.

Our protagonist didn’t quite fit into his new family, struggling to get along with the other cats in the household. Upon learning this news, Erin quickly volunteered to take him back home since it was the start of the winter holidays. She made a commitment to spend the entire month convincing her parents to let her keep him. Although her father wasn’t thrilled about the idea, her mother eventually relented.

Fast forward four years and Erin now has a beautiful daughter named Abby. While bringing her home from the hospital, Erin was concerned about how her beloved furry companion would react to the new addition to the family.

As soon as he laid eyes on her, he fell head over heels! Erin remembers capturing some adorable pictures of Bailey cradling little Abby in his arms. The kitten was immediately drawn to the infant and watched over her with gentle purrs of affection. Over time, Bailey grew accustomed to his role as a caring older sibling as Abby grew older and more active. Sweet Ginger was there for Abby’s first roll-over and even shared in her first babble. Bailey stuck close to Abby, eager to experience all the joys of childhood alongside her.

Erin notes that their cat has a strong desire for attention and tends to follow them around, never wanting to be excluded. Even if they move from the kitchen to the bathroom, the cat will follow along. One day, Abby decided to read a book while Bailey, their cat, watched attentively and seemed quite taken with the story. It appeared as though she had found her perfect audience in Bailey.

Abby had a new addition to the family when she was 2 years old, a lovely baby named Hannah. Bailey was overjoyed and even offered to take care of the baby himself. He showed his appreciation for Erin’s excellent parenting skills by giving her a paw. Despite the new arrival, Abby remained Bailey’s favorite companion. During peaceful moments, he would cuddle up with her.

According to Erin, everyone has an opinion about his personality. He is very affectionate with my friends, and even gets down on his knees to show them love. Additionally, he accompanies us to tuck our daughters in bed and even joins them in their own beds.

Bailey thoroughly enjoys spending time with girls, and Abby in particular. He loves nothing more than listening to her read stories to him, which has become their favorite activity. The bond between them is heartwarming, as Abby takes pleasure in reading to Bailey on a daily basis. Recently, Abby stumbled upon a book about Bob the yard cat and excitedly shared it with Bailey.

Bailey is a huge fan of Abby’s tales and never tires of hearing them. Her enthusiasm inspires Bailey to dive into more books. Meanwhile, Ginger, her furry companion, snuggles up in her arms and eagerly awaits the next story.

Bailey finds immense joy in these gatherings where literature takes center stage. His heart fills with love as he snuggles up to Abby, either nuzzling against her chin or relaxing his head on her shoulder.

At present, the charming red-haired boy is thirteen years of age. Since their initial encounter, Abby and he have been nearly inseparable. Witnessing their remarkable bond is bound to move even the most skeptical observers.

Bailey’s utmost desire was to have a place he could call his own, and Erin made that happen for him. In return, he showered her family with unconditional love and devotion. Source: dailycats.us

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