“Abandoned and Ailing: The Sad Tale of a Stray Cat Battling Multiple Illnesses”

Felix, the cat shelter in Subotica, has clarified why they keep their address confidential. Many people are curious and ask why they don’t publish their location publicly, and on April 18th, at 6 am, this became evident as someone left a box outside the shelter gate. Unfortunately, the box was tied with wire and did not contain any food for their beloved felines.

A little kitten was found inside and the people who found it arranged for its transportation to the veterinary clinic. They were careful not to bring the unknown cat near those who may have FIVs, or be sick or elderly until they knew the kitten’s health status.

The veterinary clinic conducted a thorough examination on Maca, who is a full-grown tricolor feline. Unfortunately, she does not have a microchip and hasn’t been sterilized. However, her blood count is stable and she’s in good spirits; she enjoys snuggling, eating and purring. The only concern the clinic has is the appearance of her ears, which may indicate cancer. Nevertheless, they’ve prescribed therapy for the discharge from her eye. Additionally, the clinic has recommended that Maca gets vaccinated and undergoes sterilization.

It’s a mystery why someone would toss a perfectly healthy and friendly adult cat out of their home or yard. It’s a sad reflection on humanity when even our fellow living beings are treated with such disregard for their welfare and needs. The folks at the asylum where she now resides are understandably perplexed by this senseless act. On a positive note, she was spayed on April 21st, but they did notice a concerning issue with her ear that may require surgery. One thing they’ve never seen before is a completely ruptured ear pad, which is worrying. We hope she recovers quickly and finds a loving forever home where she’ll be valued and well-cared for.

She underwent spaying, deworming and flea testing, as well as surgery for ear cancer. Currently, she is in the process of recuperating in a cage until her stitches are removed. The weather is chilly and there is no food in sight, but everything else is warm and cherished. While they cannot be certain if she is content with her new home, they are grateful that she found refuge with them instead of someone who would not have treated her with the same care and affection. They consider her their beloved tricolor bloom.

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