Amazing Augustus: The Feline Miracle that Stole the Hearts of a Norfolk Cat Sanctuary.


Augustus, a young feline, has experienced a great deal of trauma after being hit by a vehicle and having to undergo a leg amputation. However, despite this adversity, Augustus displays an impressive level of determination and remains a cheerful and active cat. This heartwarming account was covered by the Eastern Daily Press.


Augustus experienced a terrible mishap while in Norfolk, England. He was struck by a vehicle, causing significant harm to the three-month-old. Thankfully, he survived the accident, and veterinarians were able to provide him with prompt medical attention. Unfortunately, Augustus suffered severe injuries that included a broken jaw, fractured tail, and an unusable front leg.


The medical team carried out a surgical procedure to mend his broken jaw and excise a portion of his tail. Subsequently, another surgery was performed to remove the nonfunctional leg.


Augustus has managed to maintain a positive outlook on life despite his accident and the loss of one of his legs. His resilience is evident just 10 days after his operation, as Cats Protection Down Market reported that he was adapting well to his new three-legged life. The organization also shared a video of Augustus playing without a care in the world. A few months later, Augustus was fortunate enough to find a forever home and now shares his abode with a feline sibling named Trinity. In his new home, Augustus has taken on the regal moniker of “Cat King Cole.”


After a couple of months had passed, the new caretakers of the kitten provided an update that brought relief and joy. They also shared some pictures which clearly showed the feline’s contentment.
“The little guy is amazing! He has a distinct character and is always chatty with me. Currently, he weighs 3kg and seems to be in excellent condition. Judging by his growth, I suspect he’ll be a large and sturdy cat when he’s fully matured!”





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