An Adorable Feline Companion: A Heartwarming Story of a Sister-Brother Duo and their Daily Bus Stop Ritual

As soon as Jessica’s 7-year-old daughter entered first grade, she started waiting for her school bus. However, she wasn’t the only one standing at the bus stop.

In 2019, the Leatherman family welcomed a charming black and white feline named Craig into their household. Craig has since become an integral part of the family, fitting in perfectly with everyone. Despite his calm demeanor, he is not completely immune to mischief. If neglected, he can often find himself getting into trouble. However, the family reports that Craig remains unfazed by loud noises such as thunder.

The cat that was saved by the family shares a unique connection with their young daughter. Craig, the cat, became aware of the girl’s new daily routine of going to school in the mornings. Whenever she would leave for the bus, Craig would start meowing in response. One day, the parents decided to leave the door open to see what would happen. Rather than sticking around with the family, Craig followed the little girl all the way to the bus stop.

Ever since that day, Craig has been very committed to his task of taking his younger sister to the bus stop every morning. According to their parents, he seems to have given himself this responsibility voluntarily and they find it incredibly endearing.

When the morning rolls around, his responsibilities don’t come to a halt. He goes the extra mile to ensure his child returns home from school unharmed.

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