An Adorable Surprise: Tortoise and Couple Adopt Two Kittens Found in Their Yard

A kitten was discovered in the backyard of a couple, and to their surprise, their tortoise emerged from its burrow with another kitten.

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Patricia Lika, a local animal rescuer, received a call from a couple in Las Vegas about six weeks ago. The couple had found a kitten in their backyard with no mother around and sought Patricia’s help. However, upon reaching the couple’s house, Patricia found not one but two kittens. To her surprise, she discovered that the homeowners had a rescue tortoise in their backyard who had come out of hibernation and brought the kittens out of his burrow. It took a while for the couple to realize that there were kittens born inside the burrow.

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A kitten was discovered by a couple in their backyard, along with several more inside the burrow of a tortoise. The couple’s camera footage revealed that the mother cat had not been seen for three days prior to the kittens’ discovery. Upon investigation, it was determined that the mother had given birth inside the tortoise burrow, and the kittens remained there until the mother failed to return. Initially surprised to find a lone kitten in their yard, the couple was shocked when a second kitten was pushed out by the tortoise.

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Patricia, who goes by the handle @fosterkittensvegas, recently had an interesting experience with three kittens. Although she and her companions managed to rescue two of them from a burrow, the third one was hiding too far back to reach. The burrow was approximately five feet deep and a foot to the side, and the kitten had retreated into it for safety.

To keep an eye on the kitten’s movements, they used a baby monitor. Once they spotted the feline on the monitor, they sprang into action. Fortunately, the kitten had moved far enough for them to reach in with a pole and grab it. Patricia didn’t specify whether the third kitten was rescued in the end, but her post suggests that they did manage to pull it out of the burrow.

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When Patricia from fosterkittensvegas took in three adorable kittens, she made sure to give them the best care possible. She kept a close eye on them around the clock, ensuring their every need was met. The kittens were so comfortable with Patricia that they even started kneading away on their soft blanket after getting some much-needed food. Unfortunately, their mother never returned, but Patricia continued to monitor the cameras just in case. Meet Marshmallow, Bisquick, and Stormtrooper – three precious furballs who received all the love and care they deserved in foster care.

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According to a post by Patricia on her foster kittens’ Instagram account, the adorable little felines were seen playfully moving their legs and wrestling with each other with renewed energy. Patricia also revealed that the kittens were able to easily adapt to their new routine and had no issues switching to formula. Additionally, the three kittens showed great enthusiasm during mealtime and didn’t hesitate to express their thoughts vocally.

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According to Patricia from fosterkittensvegas, the adorable kittens enjoy receiving belly rubs and being held. Two of them are quite vocal and love to be pampered constantly. As they have grown up, they now live in a larger playpen where they have fun chasing each other and improving their pouncing and climbing abilities.

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When Patricia enters the room, a group of kittens comes running towards her, excitedly competing for her affection. They jump onto her shoulder, settle on her lap, or cuddle up in her arms, reveling in the affection she showers upon them. These adorable felines are incredibly affectionate, always eager to receive attention from people. Their favorite pastime is when they receive belly rubs from their human companions.

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Patricia from @fosterkittensvegas updates us that the little furballs are growing up fast and are now around 8-9 weeks old. They’re becoming quite playful and curious, making it an exciting time for Patricia and her team. However, once they reach the right age and size, they will be spayed or neutered before being adopted into their forever homes. So, stay tuned for more updates on when these adorable kittens will be ready for their new families!

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Patricia, under the username @fosterkittensvegas, once went to retrieve a kitten from a backyard but surprisingly found three little felines that had been born in a tortoise burrow. She took them in and nurtured them, and now they have grown into stunning cats with unique and charming personalities.

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Patricia from @fosterkittensvegas has ensured that the three kittens in her care won’t have to face another day outside. Not only that, but they’ll always have a cozy lap to sit on.

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Howdy folks! It’s Patricia from @fosterkittensvegas. I hope everyone is doing well today. Just wanted to give a quick update on my foster kittens – they are growing like weeds and are becoming more playful by the day! It’s so much fun watching them explore their surroundings and develop their personalities. I’ll be sure to share some cute photos and videos soon. In the meantime, keep on spreading the love to all the furry friends out there!

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