‘Britney Spears approves tribute act at MTV VMAs by Katy Perry and Riff Raff in iconic denim attire’

Rachel Levy and Carolyn Hiblen, journalists for the MailOnline, reported on Katy Perry’s promise to give her best impression on the red carpet at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards in LA. They also included a video that can be viewed by scrolling down.

Seal of approval! Britney Spears was quick to praise her pal for her creative tribute during the 2014 MTV VMAs on Sunday, tweeting, '.@katyperry Just when I thought the denim dress had retired....you bring it back! You looked amazing tonight bb ;)'

Seal of approval! Britney Spears was quick to praise her pal for her creative tribute during the 2014 MTV VMAs on Sunday, tweeting, '.@katyperry Just when I thought the denim dress had retired....you bring it back! You looked amazing tonight bb ;)'

Britney Spears gave her friend, Katy Perry, a thumbs up for her unique tribute during the 2014 MTV VMAs on Sunday. Britney tweeted, expressing her admiration for Katy’s fashion choice and praising her for bringing back the denim dress trend. The singer ended her tweet with a term of endearment, “bb,” and complimented Katy on her overall amazing look for the event.

Challenge accepted! Katy and rapper Riff Raff channelled Britney and then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake as they arrived at the awards show in Inglewood, California

Game on! Katy and hip-hop artist Riff Raff paid homage to Britney Spears and her former partner Justin Timberlake by donning matching outfits as they made their entrance at the awards ceremony held in Inglewood, California.

Uncanny! The pair certainly did a great job at mirroring Britney and JT's infamous couple look from the 28th Annual American Music Awards in 2001

What an eerie coincidence! Katy Perry and Riff Raff pulled off a fantastic imitation of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s iconic matching outfits from the 2001 American Music Awards. Although people were initially discussing their clothing choice, many soon shifted their focus to their relationship status. There were rumors in the past that the pop star was dating Riff Raff, whose real name is Horst Simco, but this pairing seemed unlikely. Nevertheless, the two of them made quite the spectacle as they strutted down the red carpet together. Later in the evening, TMZ caught up with them as they left Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. When asked if they were officially together, Riff Raff responded with a playful quip about having a couple of babies on the way.

'I did my best impression, hope you likey!' The 32-year-old wasn't disappointed by Katy's attempt to copy her infamous 2001 style, clearly flattered and impressed by the amount of thought that went into the pair's look

“I tried to imitate her style, hope you like it!” Katy attempted to replicate the iconic 2001 look of the 32-year-old and was met with a positive response. The latter was flattered and impressed by the effort put into their appearance.

Dressed to impress: Though a little corny at the time, the couple's matching ensembles immediately went down in history as nothing short of iconic

Dressed to impress: Despite being a bit cheesy at the time, the couple’s coordinated outfits have since been recognized as iconic. After her partner assisted her into their vehicle, Katy mimicked the famous love scene from Titanic by pressing her hand against the tinted window. With a delicate tone, she proclaimed “I love him,” while her significant other revealed that they both had matching scars. To complete her look, Katy wore a bold statement necklace and carried a small denim purse embellished with sparkling accents. Her two-toned denim attire was more daring and provocative than the blonde singer’s outfit, featuring a seductive thigh-high slit and adorned with silver studs.

Vamping it up: Katy's version was a bit more sexy, with a thigh-high slit and studs

Vamping it up: Katy's version was a bit more sexy, with a thigh-high slit and studs

Adding some sizzle: Katy Perry’s take on the outfit was more alluring, featuring a daring thigh-high slit and embellished with studs.

Tough guy: Riff Raff had on a studded denim blazer, tattered jeans, chains and a metallic blouse

The rapper Riff Raff was seen flaunting his tough look wearing a denim blazer adorned with metal studs and chains. He paired it with ripped jeans and a metallic blouse. To add more drama to her appearance, singer Dark Horse donned a crimson lipstick and styled her thick brown hair in a voluminous hairdo. Interestingly, Riff Raff’s attire bore some resemblance to that of the former ‘N Sync star, with a jean blazer and denim pants paired with sunglasses. However, his costume had a punk and grunge-inspired touch, featuring tattered and studded pieces.

Loving it: The two appeared to be enjoying every second of their stroll down the carpet

They seemed to be relishing every moment of their walk on the red carpet.

Ill wait here... Riff Raff had no problem standing aside as Katy got snapped away

I’ll hold my ground right here… Riff Raff didn’t mind stepping back while Katy was captured on camera.

We did it! The pair seemed to celebrate their successful impressions

Woohoo! They did it! The dynamic duo appeared to be overjoyed with their triumphant ensembles. The vocalist of Dolce & Gabbana adorned himself with chains, a metallic top, a belt identical to Katy’s, and navy dress shoes. He chose not to wear a denim hat like JT did many moons ago so that he could flaunt his vibrant braided hair, but he did arrive at the event holding one in his hand. The couple appeared thrilled to display their outfits as they posed together on the red carpet and inside the venue.

Back view: Riff Raff opted out of wearing a denim hat so he could show off his bright hairdo

From behind, Riff Raff decided to skip the denim hat in order to flaunt his vibrant hairstyle.

Stunning: The pop star looked gorgeous with her subtle yet sexy make-up and ravenous locks

The beautiful pop star’s makeup was both subtle and sexy, complementing her ravenous locks perfectly. On Friday, Katy Perry found inspiration from her British counterpart, the Ooh La La singer, after they interacted on Twitter. Britney Spears posted a video of herself doing her best Woody Woodpecker impression, and Katy was quick to comment that it was the best thing she had seen all day. Britney then challenged Katy to do her best impression within 24 hours. Katy readily accepted and promised to show her impression on the red carpet at the VMA’s the next day.

Winning: Katy took home the Best Female Video award for her hit Dark Horse

Katy emerged victorious at the award ceremony by clinching the prestigious Best Female Video accolade for her chart-topping track, Dark Horse.

Thank you! The star took the stage with Rapper Juicy J to accept their honour

Expressing gratitude, the celebrity and Juicy J appeared on the platform to receive their recognition.

Strike a pose: The beauty showed off her sculpted legs after winning her award

Posing gracefully, the lovely lady flaunted her toned legs with pride as she basked in the glory of her recent award win.

Getting into character:  Charli XCX and Sam Smith posed with the duo

Charli XCX and Sam Smith were seen posing with the duo while getting into their respective characters.

Nuzzling in: Riff Raff and Katy continued to get coy with the cameras

Getting up close and personal: Riff Raff and Katy Perry playfully interacted with the paparazzi during the event. Katy was honored with the Best Female Video award for her hit track “Dark Horse” at the ceremony, which also earned her and Juicy J a nomination for Best Collaboration. Don’t forget to tune in to MTV UK on Monday, August 25th at 9pm to watch the VMAs.

We got this: 'About to roll thro... Look for us in da lambo  #THISISHOWWEDOVMAS,' the star posted to Instagram before hitting the carpet

“We’re about to arrive… Keep an eye out for us in the Lamborghini #THISISHOWWEDOVMAS,” the celebrity shared on Instagram just before stepping onto the red carpet.

Impressed: Katy was in awe of Britney Spears' Woody Woodpecker impression on Friday

Katy was amazed by Britney Spears’ fantastic Woody Woodpecker imitation last Friday.

Challenge: The blonde star told Katy she was 'up next'

Difficulty: The fair-haired celebrity informed Katy that it was her turn.

Accepted: The Firework singer said she would show her 'best impression on the red carpet at the VMA's'

Agreed: The artist behind the hit song Firework pledged to showcase her finest form on the red carpet at the upcoming VMA’s.

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