Cat Face as Our Daily Alarm: A Study on Feline Expressions and Human Struggles

Even though we adore all cats, only a few have achieved the status of internet memes. Zu, however, is one of those rare cats that has the potential to become viral due to his amusing and iconic features. With his rotund physique, he looks like a fluffy ball, while his grumpy yet charming face and markings give him a constant look of surprise or exhaustion. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this cat! But wait, there’s more! Zu shares his abode with another feline called Bocco, who is equally adorable. Together, they will bring happiness and joy to your day with their chubby and unimpressed expressions. Check out their Instagram page to know more about them.

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Chika is a big fan of Instagram, and she loves to post pictures of her two exotic cats, Bocco and Zuu. The pair are both males, with Bocco being born on June 26th, 2016, and Zuu coming into the world a little later on August 21st, 2017. When Chika is at work, she says that Bocco and Zuu spend most of their time sleeping.
Bocco is an Exotic Shorthair, and although he can be a little shy around strangers, he loves to get massages from Chika and follow her around the house. He used to be good friends with Chika’s previous pets, which were hedgehogs. Meanwhile, Zuu, an Exotic Longhair, is much more outgoing and not afraid of dogs he meets in the park.
Chika says that she was inspired to create an Instagram account for her cats after she started posting photos of her hedgehogs. She is delighted with the increasing number of followers and positive feedback she receives because sharing pictures of her beloved cats brings her happiness and brightens others’ days.

The credit for the image goes to pechanko_bocco.

Chika revealed that her daily routine with her adorable flat-faced cats, Zuu and Bocco, involves some essential grooming like wiping their brown tear stains. Their breed is prone to tearing, making it necessary to clean them regularly. In addition, Chika mentioned that her feline companions are not very active and refuse to eat on their own, so she has to hand-feed them their food pellets. Even if she leaves food out for them, they wait for her to return and provide them with sustenance. Chika ensures their sound health by feeding them human-grade and grain-free cat food coupled with supplements. Zuu’s athleticism, on the other hand, is questionable as he has not yet made it to the top of their cat tower, a fact that Chika jokingly remarked in a light-hearted tone.

Pechanko_bocco is the rightful owner of the photographs.

Have you heard of the latest cat breeds that have become social media sensations? You may be familiar with Bocco and Zuu, but let us introduce you to two other breeds: the Exotic Shorthair and Longhair. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with them yet, as we’ve got some essential info to share. The Exotic Shorthair was created in 1967 by breeding Persians with British Shorthairs. This new breed has inherited traits from both its ancestors: the Persian’s relaxed demeanor and the shorthaired cousins’ easy coat maintenance and high energy levels. If you’re looking for a fun and energetic pet for your family with kids, the Exotic Shorthair would be an excellent choice. They love to play but don’t require constant attention.

The credit for the image goes to peachanko_bocco.

The Exotic Longhair breed of cats is known for its playful and loving nature. They love to play with toys and cuddle with their humans. However, their long and thick fur demands extra attention when it comes to grooming. To maintain their luxurious coat, they need to be brushed every day.

Pechanko Bocco generously shared the image with us.

If you’re planning to bring an Exotic Shorthair cat into your home, there are a few things you should keep in mind. These felines have a tendency to gain weight quickly, so it’s important that you monitor their diet and avoid overfeeding them. While their adorable “Puss in Boots” appearance may make it tempting to indulge them with treats, excessive weight gain can lead to health problems. Additionally, Exotic Shorthairs form deep bonds with their human companions and may experience anxiety if left alone for extended periods. Consider whether you have the ability to leave a furry friend like this on their own for long stretches of time before making the commitment to bring one into your household.

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