Cat-tivating Makeovers: Petification Studio’s Regal Revamp for Feline Royalty

Being a huge fan of cats, I’m constantly on the hunt for exceptional and exquisite cat-inspired artwork that amplifies their innate beauty. It’s incredible how art can bring out the regal and stunning aspects of felines. Ana Milosevic, an exceptionally talented artist from Serbia, has mastered the art of portraying cats’ majestic essence through her pieces. I stumbled upon her amazing creations on Instagram and was blown away. So, I reached out to her to learn more about her artistic process and showcase her remarkable talent on our platform. Fortunately, she accepted my proposal, and I’m thrilled to present to you her breathtaking cat portraits.

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What inspired you to create these whimsical pet portraits? Personally, I have always been fascinated by anthropomorphic art and the concept of blending traditional portraits with beloved pets never fails to bring a smile to my face. However, it wasn’t until recently that I considered crafting them myself. Initially, I was engaged in another project focused on creating handmade paper and designing exquisite wedding invitations. Unfortunately, due to the Covid19 pandemic and the subsequent restrictions on social gatherings, that undertaking had to be put on hold. Although it was a difficult period for me, I eventually remembered how much happiness pet portraits brought me. So, I started researching other companies that offered similar services. As a proud cat mom to Cheetah and Mrki, I was thrilled to bring this playful idea to life.

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Being a person with a degree in graphic design, I was disheartened by the lack of attention to detail in pet portraits. It was then that I decided to give it a shot myself and create something better. My first few attempts were of my dear pets Cheetah and Mrki, which I shared on my Instagram. It wasn’t easy starting from scratch with no followers, but the positive feedback from viewers kept me going. As I continued to create more portraits, my skills improved, and people appreciated the effort I put into each piece. With time, I even added a digital watercolor style to my repertoire, which I believe is an excellent way to preserve memories of pets. Now, I take pride in every portrait I create.

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Would you mind telling me about your process for creating your artwork? For me, I love being able to choose the outfit and create the portrait from scratch. However, I always begin by evaluating which picture would work best for the design. It would be great if clients could provide me with a range of high-quality images showcasing their pets in different poses. However, this isn’t always possible, particularly if they’re trying to surprise someone or if their pet has passed away and they have limited images.

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After finalizing the best shot of my furry friend, I embark on the exciting task of picking the perfect ensemble to complement their pose. My clothes collection is constantly expanding, providing me with an extensive array of options to choose from. Personally, I find it exhilarating to combine colors with the pet’s fur. For instance, when capturing a tuxedo cat, I relish using black and white attire for an extra touch of authenticity. The outcome never fails to impress, taking anthropomorphism to the next level. The positive feedback I’ve received for these color-coordinated photographs fills me with pride.

The input of my clients is always appreciated, especially when it comes to outfit choices for their furry companions. It’s impressive how they’ve become quite adept at selecting the perfect colors to complement their pets’ eyes and enhance their appeal. My digital art is crafted using Photoshop, but the portraits I create are all handmade with a graphic tablet and pen. Capturing every detail accurately is crucial, which is why I reference multiple photos and put in up to 3.5 hours for each portrait. My favorite stage is adding shading and highlights because they give the portraits depth and make them come alive.

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Have you ever tried creating animal portraits that aren’t just cats and dogs? I love taking on new challenges and exploring different subjects. Over the years, I’ve created portraits of bunnies, mice, squirrels, and even bearded dragons. But I’m not stopping there! I’m planning to create a series of portraits featuring wild and domestic animals such as bears, tigers, horses, and pigs. I hope my online community will enjoy these pieces as much as I enjoy making them.

One of my most memorable works is a portrait of a Russian Blue cat named Nenya. It was one of my earlier pieces, but it helped me find my own style. Although I’ve improved my skills since then, this portrait holds a special place in my heart.

On a lighter note, I’ve had some fun moments with my cats. I “married” them to announce my own wedding, and I even went on a Valentine’s date with Keith and Winky, two Instagram-famous cats.

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I have some fresh and exciting artworks that I’m thrilled to reveal! Among them are some notable pieces such as Mauri posing with his cucumber, Miss Kayla bringing the first snow to my town, Sir Oreo looking sharp in his tuxedo, a lovely golden calico cat from France, as well as the majestic Roman Empress Livia. Additionally, there is the striking tabby named Little Guy 1 Eye, whose portrait adorns my Instagram profile. While I could go on about my pet portraits, I warmly welcome you to browse through my Instagram handle (@petification) to discover more of my whimsical artwork.

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What makes my artwork unique is the immense passion and commitment that I inject into each portrait. Every brush stroke is a reflection of my deep love and affection for the craft. My ultimate goal is to exceed my clients’ expectations every time by creating a masterpiece that captures the essence of their cherished pets. My focus is always on achieving realism, authenticity, and evoking happy memories of their animal companions that will last a lifetime.

Moreover, I believe in giving back to society, especially when it comes to animal welfare. I participate in various charity events that aim to promote the cause and make the world a better place for our furry friends. This cause is close to my heart, and I am always looking for opportunities to inspire others to join in.

One little-known fact about my artwork is that it helps me take care of a feral cat family that lives in my neighborhood. Every portrait I sell contributes to providing daily meals for these adorable creatures. It’s a small but meaningful way that I can give back to the animal community that brings so much joy to my life.

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Do you ship your products worldwide despite being based in Serbia? Although I am located in Novi Sad, Serbia, I dispatch my canvas and poster prints from the USA and distribute them to selected countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany. However, I also offer digital print-ready high-resolution files of my portraits that are available for purchase worldwide. This option allows customers to use them digitally or have them printed locally, supporting small print shops. A huge thank you goes out to Ana for her informative responses to my questions. It’s been great hearing about her creative process and admiring her stunning work. In case you want to check out more of Ana’s artwork, please visit her Instagram page and Etsy store.

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