“Charming Cat Manners: Laugh-Out-Loud Memes Depicting Feline Politeness and Adorable Grins”

When we think of cats, many words come to mind such as mischievous, cute, affectionate, and even wicked. However, have you encountered the concept of a “Polite Cat”? Polite Cat pertains to a distinct image of a cat named Ollie, who has a unique and well-mannered demeanor.

The source of this meme is a satirical dialogue via text between a landlord and a potential tenant. The latter inquires about the possibility of keeping a pet in the apartment, but the former refuses. Nevertheless, after the tenant sends a photo of their pet Ollie, the landlord changes their mind and consents, noting how well-behaved the animal appears.

On June 7th, 2018, someone uploaded a picture to the humor website 9GAG. The title of the post was “My reaction when someone expects me to be thrilled about something that I’m not interested in.” This image quickly became popular on the internet, spawning countless memes on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The popularity of this image allowed it to gain a lot of attention, reaching 1,200 points within two months of being posted.

Ollie is widely loved by all due to his charming manners and irresistible cuteness. Take a look at the collection of polite cat memes we’ve put together for you below and enjoy!

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