Chilled Fingers, Blemished Skin, Embracing Tight, Struggling to Survive!

Sun Cities 4 paws Rescue staff responded to a distressed woman’s plea for assistance. They took in a litter of newborn kittens that were in dire need of immediate care and attention. The lady appeared nervous as she entered the building, carrying three tiny babies wrapped up in blankets. Upon examination, it was discovered that the kittens had suffered serious injuries, possibly caused by another animal’s bite. Kara Yancey, a member of the Sun Cities 4 paws team, shared these details.

Even though the rescue center was closed, Kara and her colleague Jon sprang into action to save some furry creatures. These poor animals were covered in fleas, but Kara and Jon quickly removed them and treated their wounds. The little ones were so cold that they were put in an incubator and taken home by Kara to receive round-the-clock care and feeding.

Regrettably, even with all of Kara’s efforts, two of the kittens didn’t make it. However, the one survivor, Mendel, started to exhibit more vitality and put up a fierce battle to survive.
Kara explained, “Following administration of antibiotics, multiple baths, probiotics, and plenty of tender loving care, he started to eat well, gain weight, and became an outspoken little fellow.”

At regular intervals, I would hear my alarm ringing and turn to find the inquisitive gaze of Mendel staring at me through the incubator window. It was as if he was asking, “Where’s my food?” To cheer him up, a stuffed toy mom was given to him, which he clung to after his meals and before nodding off to sleep.

After a while, Mendel reached the age where he could leave his recovery area and settle into his very own playpen. As he gained strength and regained his mobility after his leg injuries, he displayed remarkable confidence on all four of his paws and enjoyed accompanying his human companions throughout the house. With his distinctive Siamese markings becoming more noticeable each day, Mendel was growing into a contented, thriving kitten who loved to run, jump, and explore every corner of his surroundings.

After some time, he gained confidence and was ready to socialize with his fellow kittens and learn the ways of being a cat. Kara proudly exclaimed, “He has come a long way and it’s hard to believe that he had such a rough start.”

He enjoyed sipping from his bottle, receiving ample affection from us, and engaging in playful activities with our other foster kittens. He was determined to be lifted and carried around.

Mendel is never at a loss for words and freely shares his thoughts with everyone around him. His incredible journey, from a kitten fighting for survival to the amazing feline he is today, has been truly remarkable.

Kara shared, “One day, he transformed into a stunning Siamese blend feline and moved from my foster care to the bigger kitten room at the shelter. There, a lovely couple adopted him, and now he’s head over heels in love with his new residence.”

Despite his difficult beginnings, he transformed into a lovable and content kitten, full of affection and joy. Spread the word about this heartwarming tale to all feline enthusiasts in your social circle.

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