“Crafted with Care: A Mid-Century Modern Home Showcasing Unique Wood Tones”

Liyan Vision has created a one-of-a-kind home interior that exudes mid-century modern vibes. The use of dark woods and a distinct color palette, along with leggy furniture and a flat-fronted kitchen design, all contribute to the mid-century essence. The spacious living room has a cozy feel, while the home office is tailored to the architect homeowner’s needs, featuring an adjustable drafting table and an inspiration board. An additional workspace and a sunny art room with an easel are also available on the property. The bedroom has a calming neutral beige decor scheme, with workspaces kept in separate areas for restful sleep.

The living room is designed with an open layout and a serene pale beige color scheme for both the walls and floor. An eye-catching black and white rug defines the seating area with its bold pattern, while the furniture is composed of shades of brown and black for a cohesive look.

A classic wooden stool boasting turned legs sits comfortably next to a sleek glass coffee table, providing a striking contrast. The cutting-edge Samsung Serif TV enhances the overall decor with a stylish wooden screen surrounding it, lending a layered and textured aesthetic to the space.

The living space has a separate formal dining corner, and the kitchen occupies the back area.

The two hanging lights dangle gracefully over a dining table with a rich, chocolate hue, surrounded by an interesting mix of chairs.

The home is illuminated with natural light coming from a row of glass bricks in the hallway.

The dining room storage pops with enchanting hues of vibrant green and golden yellow. On top of it, a radio with a retro vibe sits gracefully, just under a delightful gallery wall bursting with color.

A vibrant and lively palm plant adds a touch of nature’s beauty beside the kitchen peninsula.

Having a kitchen peninsula is a great way to add dining space. For a minimalistic breakfast bar centerpiece, consider using a trendy fruit bowl.

The kitchen design is in a U-shape and features two different colors of flat-fronted cabinets. The base cabinets have a dark wood grain finish that adds a sense of depth and grounding to the space. The wall cabinets, on the other hand, are white and create a bright and airy feel to the upper part of the kitchen.

The lounge area connected to the living room has a cozy reading corner with a noticeable change in flooring from smooth beige screed to warm wooden planks.

A circular floor covering adds a touch of design to the other seating spot. The understated olive-colored sofa brings in a hint of hue, while a striking piece of art steals the spotlight.

On the other side of the room, you’ll find a bookcase that’s been custom-made to fit perfectly. It’s not just an ordinary piece of furniture, though. Hidden storage units are on either side, and underneath, there are bright yellow cabinets that really make it pop. The bookcase itself is tilted, which makes it perfect for displaying books and magazines in a way that shows them off in all their glory.

The sofa area is well-lit thanks to the dual-headed swing arm wall lamp which doubles as a reading light. Moreover, it also helps brighten up the low-level bookcase located below the window.

The home library has a cute little coffee table situated in the middle, propped up on slim legs. Its presence adds to the overall open and airy vibe of the space.

The wooden coffee table is elegantly illuminated by a beautiful 3-tier pendant light hanging above it. Complementing the table’s natural beauty, there is also a decorative bowl and several ceramic vases sitting on top as tasteful decorative items.

A flexible display shelf is situated in the area that links the living room to the home library, adorned with a multitude of books and ornamental objects.

The petite couch is adorned with decorative pillows featuring various prints and a vibrant blanket.

The inclusion of a designer stool can bring an artistic touch to any room.

An architect’s workspace is often complemented by a cozy sofa, providing a perfect spot to reflect and relax during coffee breaks or moments of contemplation.

The walls are adorned with bookcases made of glass.

The area behind the couch is embellished with a wonderful display of art pieces forming a noteworthy gallery wall. The burst of colors on every artwork adds a vibrant touch to the entire space.

The seats are adorned with distinct throw pillows, adding a touch of uniqueness to the décor. Meanwhile, a synthetic plant fills up the corner space.

Adding a cork memo board to your home office can instantly add a pop of color and organization. Not only does it serve as a functional tool for displaying important notes and reminders, but it also adds a touch of personality to your workspace. Additionally, installing a shelf above your drafting table provides convenient storage for all of your drawing supplies. This simple addition can help keep your workspace clutter-free and allow for more efficient work.

The desk is equipped with additional containers to store various drawing tools. A lamp is mounted on the wall to provide ample lighting on the drawing board. A trash bin is discreetly placed under one of the legs of the desk.

The architect’s studio is joined to a cozy art room by another pair of glass doors. The room is bathed in natural light and there is an easel set up at the center of the floor which is tiled. The art room is fitted with wall-to-wall windows that provide an unobstructed view of the surroundings, and the glass roof highlights the open sky.

On the property, there is an additional workspace that can serve as a second home office. This space is equipped with a computer desk and a basic chest of drawers for storage. For those who want to take a break from work, there is also a cozy reading spot by the window.

A memo board made of cork is placed above the wooden desk, complementing the tan leather chair that sits in front of it. An elegant round wall sconce illuminates the room with a warm and inviting glow.

The bedroom in beige color is a calm and soothing haven furnished with only essential furniture and decor pieces.

To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, you can layer some throws on the foot of your bed.

Near the bed, there is a wooden dresser with a unique and stylish slatted design. A lovely piece of artwork and some ceramic arches adorn the dresser, creating a delightful arrangement. Adjacent to the bedroom window is a mid-century modern armchair.

The glowing glass wall sconce casts a cozy light next to the sleeping area.

A dressing room that you can walk into has been decorated with a rug that has an unconventional shape.

The bathroom with a green theme has an open shower space layout, which is different from usual as wall tiles have been replaced by a slick and wet surface.

By installing a frameless shower screen, you can effectively prevent the adjacent toilet from getting wet. This is because the screen acts as a barrier that keeps the water contained within the shower area, thereby avoiding any unwanted splashing onto other fixtures.

A bathroom can be made more spacious and clutter-free with the use of a floating vanity unit.

The color palette for the second washroom is a cozy and calming blend of neutral shades.

A matching floating vanity unit is paired with a wooden mirror that complements its design.

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