Crafting a Majestic Dragon Statue from Storm-Ravaged Timber

Italian artist Marco Martalar found inspiration in the aftermath of a destructive storm that swept across Italy’s northern Trentino region in 2018. The storm, called Vaia, caused massive devastation by uprooting over 18,000 trees with winds reaching up to 125 miles per hour. Martalar’s perception of art was changed forever after witnessing the destruction caused by the storm. He used his creativity to transform the fallen branches into an amazing sculpture of a daon perched on a mountain in Lavarone’s alpe cimbra. The sculpture has become a symbol of nature’s power and the importance of taking care of the environment. Martalar spent ten days preparing the project and a month and a half sculpting on-site to build the artwork. Even though he has moved on to other projects, the daon remains a local icon, reminding all who see it never to underestimate the might of Mother Nature.

The recent storm had a severe impact on the woodlands in the northern part of Italy, resulting in the collapse of more than 18,000 trees in specific regions. As per Martalar, the hurricane has influenced him as an artist, and he has decided to use its destruction as inspiration for his art.

The power of Mother Nature is reflected in his hairstyle, which is reminiscent of a thunderbolt.

The Alpe Cimbra’s latest tourist hotspot is none other than the Vaia Dragon, perched high near Lavarone.

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