Creating a Cozy Vibe with Brown Accents and Beautiful Natural Stone Decor

Chub Architects have created an opulent 210 square metre apartment interior in St. Petersburg, Russia, featuring exquisite natural stone elements and warm brown accents. The apartment’s luxurious layout and use of expensive materials are sure to impress visitors. With wood slatted room dividers and window shutters, the space is transparent and airy, allowing every area to be viewed from another. The modern kitchen design, stylish ensuite bathroom, and lavish dressing room are just a few examples of the stunning features of this apartment. Check out the detailed floor plan at the end of the tour for a closer look.

The contemporary living room comprises modern, linear sofas and a grouping of low coffee tables. The minimalist design is accentuated by the use of light granite slabs that incorporate substantial pieces of quartz, giving rise to opulent highlights.

The addition of tan accents brings a cozy and inviting atmosphere to the predominantly pale grey and white room design.

Contemporary wall shelves create a bold and eye-catching black criss-cross pattern on an otherwise plain living room wall.

The sofas in the room are adorned with tan scatter cushions that perfectly complement the designer lounge chair situated at a distance. The reading area is made complete with a small side table and a one-of-a-kind lamp.

To make a fashionable storage unit, a console table has been incorporated into the bookcase, resulting in a cohesive wall.

You can easily transform the coffee tables into useful end tables whenever needed.

In the heart of the living room, a stunning granite panel steals the show with its size and captivating appearance.

The granite slab that seems to be floating hides a surprise television that can be revealed by effortlessly sliding the magnificent panel away.

The television wall mount is highlighted by small track lights that illuminate the ribbed backboard.

The dining area is given a boost of contrast with the addition of stylish pendant lights in a sleek black hue.

The rectangular dining table is reflected by a granite-covered alcove.

A grouping of stylish black and white vases make for an attractive table centerpiece.

The cinnamon-colored seat cushions perfectly complement the cozy brown details scattered throughout the adjacent living room.

The kitchen and dining room are separated by a sturdy wall, but there are open pathways on both sides of it. The spacious area is dominated by a sizable kitchen island.

The tall pantry units and oven housing are recessed into the extensive partition wall.

The living spaces are equipped with wooden slatted shades that can be drawn across the tall windows.

The kitchen island is perfectly complemented with the stainless steel stem pendants that hang down, while the modern kitchen faucet on the other end adds a nice touch of balance.

Smaller details like distinctive salt and pepper shakers are reminiscent of the vertical pendant lights that sit side by side. The white and grey marble wall behind it is a work of art on its own, without any other elements distracting from its beauty.

The main bedroom features a cozy cognac headboard that adds a touch of warmth to the otherwise all-white decor. The black pendant lights on either side of the bed are a smaller version of the cone pendants used in the dining area, while the ribbed white wall paneling echoes the design of the living room’s TV wall. These consistent design elements create a cohesive and fluid ambiance throughout the entire home.

The bedframe’s cognac accent is extended into the floor space by a bench seat. This piece serves a dual purpose in the minimalist design, with books stacked at one end to add functionality.

A Fia decanter sits atop a squared-off nightstand.

The magnificent ensuite can be reached through the wide glass doors that open up beautifully.

The opulent restroom serves as the gateway to a spacious dressing area. The entrance comprises wooden slatted doors positioned at both ends of the attached bathroom. These doors are adorned with illuminated garnet rails and shelves, which radiate a bright shine from within.

The vanity area and shower wet zone are adorned with stunning white marble swirls that add a touch of glitz. Toiletries are neatly arranged on a small side table placed inside the spacious enclosure.

A touch of nature can be seen in the bathroom with the addition of a charmingly rustic side table beside the freestanding bathtub. Made of wood, it adds warmth and character to the space.

The wooden table perfectly complements the wood slatted window shutters situated behind the bathtub.

The dressing room is furnished with a beautiful marble makeup table that appears to be floating against a stunning floor-to-ceiling marble panel. To add some extra elegance and style to the glam station, a designer vanity stool has been included.

The granite boundary has been divided to incorporate a wooden slatted section, which allows for natural light to flow through into the dressing area on the opposite side of the sleeping area. The bedside is illuminated by the String Lights Cone Pendant, designed by Flos.

The nightstand exudes a laid-back, country-style charm with its crate-inspired design.

A cute little Eames bird is jumping on a desk that seems to be floating in the air, ready to start its work day.

Additional wooden slats have been incorporated to form a divider between the workspace in the bedroom and the attached bathroom, allowing light to pass through while maintaining privacy. The bathroom vanity has been designed at a lower level than usual and features a unique basin design.

The cone pendant shape that was once popular in home entryways has now been replaced by a round pendant in a sleek black finish.

Introducing a chic pouf that effortlessly adds a touch of warmth with its brown accent thread.

The opulent foyer table is adorned with granite accents, but it appears to be lacking a spot for headphones.

The lavatory for guests near the entrance is adorned with stunning granite. Sleek wall lamps are fixed on white vertical panels.

A sleek shower enclosure fits perfectly within the limited space provided.

When it comes to saving floor space, a wall-mounted toilet can be a great solution. By attaching the toilet to the wall rather than having it sit on the ground, you can create a more spacious and streamlined bathroom. Plus, it just looks cool!

By utilizing the floor plan, we are able to fully appreciate the grandeur of the master suite. The spacious shower and vast walk-in closet provide ample room for comfort and storage.

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