“Creating a Distinctive Home Ambience with Layers of Neutral Tones and Light Wood Accents”

This unique 120 square metre home in Kiev, Ukraine has a cosy and restful feel with warm layers of tonal grey, beige, and light wood tones. The designer, Polina Yakovleva, has incorporated modern furniture with rounded edges, architectural arches, and soft lighting to create a spiritual temple-like atmosphere. The cool concrete walls are softened by the inviting glow of gentle lighting, making it a soothing retreat at night. The private quarters of the home feature two stylish double bedrooms while the kid’s room is themed with space dust. Check out the full layout of the home included at the end of the tour.

As we step inside, we are greeted by a spacious living and dining area that exudes a calming ambiance with its neutral shades and wooden accents. One corner of the room features a cozy modern sofa accompanied by a unique floor lamp and a matching pouf, while at the other side, a large dining set takes center stage in the kitchen area. A decorative muxarabi screen made of wood adds a vibrant touch to the space, creating an attractive focal point.

A unique TV wall has been created using a combination of wood grain units and a trendy concrete background. The offbeat vibe is accentuated by the asymmetrical layout of the units.

The thick concrete base supporting the TV cabinet not only serves as a functional space for media items, but also adds a touch of charm for displaying decorative ornaments.

The sofa is accompanied by a charming little side table with curved wooden designs that run along its edge.

The coffee table in a straight line serves as a subtle way to balance the contrasting tones of the dining table located at the back of the couch.

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner with a self-charging feature is the perfect solution to maintain a clean and fresh-looking apartment interior.

The hallway of the house is constructed with architectural arches that give off an air of elegance, resembling the entryway to a grand temple. The presence of these arches almost compels one to pause and take a moment of silence. The doorways to the entryway closets are discreetly hidden within one side of the arches.

The front door’s limited wall space is maximized by a personalized shelf and a vanity stool. With a distinctive pendant light hanging above, the compact vanity mirror shines brightly, complemented by a beautiful vase and fragrant reed diffuser.

The arched hallway design is beautifully emphasized by the globe lights that run along its length, highlighting its curve.

To access the master bedroom, we go through the closet that is divided from the main space by a wall with slats. A spacious rug covers the floor of the sleeping area, providing both comfort and a peaceful atmosphere.

The modern platform bed in the bedroom is illuminated by a strip light that casts a bright glow on the wall, providing an ideal reading light.

The bedroom aesthetic incorporates some Wabi Sabi elements, such as an imperfect concrete wall finish that features small cracks and pits. Additionally, artwork is placed in a temporary manner by propping it on the floor.

Incorporating unique bedside tables can bring a natural and balanced feel to your bedroom decor. Additionally, adding another reed diffuser can bring a sense of tranquility to the space through its calming scent.

The brightness of the sun rays creeps into the spacious walk-in closet through the open window in the bedroom. A door, cleverly disguised to blend in with the walls, gives way to the private ensuite bathroom.

A chic storage solution for your closet comprises of glass shelves and fashionable drawers to house your high-end garments, purses and embellishments.

The bathroom boasts a cozy freestanding tub that fits perfectly in its designated space while a split-level side table provides ample storage for toiletries and towels.

The white tub looks even more pristine against the backdrop of black fixtures, including a sleek freestanding tap that gives off a modern vibe.

The serene light of the moon adds a touch of beauty to the night. Check out some cool ideas for decorating your space with a space-themed decor.

The guest bedroom gets a delightful touch with the addition of an apricot platform bed.

The bedroom’s light grey scheme is defined by its concrete walls. To add some contrast, darker graphite drapes were incorporated into the design.

Adding a comfortable throw to your light-colored bedding creates a beautiful layered look with a variety of tones.

The round vase adds a perfect touch to the contemporary wall sconces on the bedroom wall.

The guest bedroom boasts a wall filled with wardrobes in a light wood effect, adding depth and a delicate design element.

A vanity table with a wood tone that matches the bedroom’s interior design is placed in front of a large floor-to-ceiling window. Accompanying the vanity table is a stool that complements the apricot accent used in the room’s decor.

A chair in the bedroom adds a nice touch to the window alcove, making it a perfect spot for some relaxed reading.

The primary restroom of the house has a simplistic design, featuring a one-of-a-kind contemporary pedestal sink and a spacious walk-in shower layout.

The bathroom mirror with vanity light and toiletries shelf is a convenient and practical addition to any bathroom. It combines multiple functions into one sleek and uncomplicated design.

The light-colored bathroom walls are given a touch of contrast with the addition of black shower fixtures and a black faucet.

Within the contemporary children’s bedroom, a solitary platform bed is positioned in a snug setting to induce a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The flip-top storage feature allows for easy concealment of video games, books, and gadgets underneath the bed.

The child’s desk is adorned with pendant lights in the shape of planets, creating a playful space-inspired ambiance.

KAWS seated companion is surrounded by vibrant wall decals that add a pop of color and fun to the space.

Illuminate your work area with a contemporary lamp and showcase your love for Star Wars through a built-in bookshelf. Take a look at additional creative table lamp concepts for more inspiration.

Laundry room utilities are hidden behind bifold doors.

A stash of cleaning supplies is located inside a cabinet system.

Let’s talk about the arrangement of your apartment.

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