Desperate and Fearful, He Struggles to Break Free from the Oncoming Threat of Hunger.

While at home, he suddenly hears distressing wails emanating from the outdoors and immediately dashes out only to find a feline gradually submerging into the mud. The poor creature was ensnared in the mire of a paddy field and its attempts to extricate itself were only aggravating the ordeal. At the sight of the approaching men, the cat frantically struggled, causing it to sink deeper into the sticky sludge.


With a heavy heart, he witnessed the distressing condition of the helpless feline, realizing that there was no time to lose. He understood that urgent action was required to save the life of the little kitten, so he came up with a brilliant plan.


With a hopeful heart, he hurriedly fetched a branch and ran back to the mud, praying that he could make it in time. Meanwhile, there were other harrowing stories of animals in distress: one was trapped and had been struggling for so long that it was now too weak to free itself; another was crying out for help after being abandoned by its mother. As for the kitten, it was still partially above the mud, so he extended the branch, hoping that the little feline would climb onto it and hold on tightly with its claws.


With a heart full of hope, he extended the branch, praying for a miracle. Exhausted and frightened, he caught a glimpse of their arrival and frantically attempted to break free from his confinement.

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