Dog In Bad Shape With No Hope Lays In The Middle Of The Road And Waits For Help

What’s the matter with you?

Poor little puppy was found sleeping in the middle of the road. Someone almost stepped on it.

She was in bad shape and in the middle of the road, crying and hopeless, waiting for kind people to help her. She looked so tired, weak, and hungry. Her skin was so dry and infected that it was almost as bad as mange.

Two women who were driving by and saw her took her to the hospital right away.

What a cute puppy!

The vet said that after two weeks of treatment, she should be fine.

The poor puppy could eat a lot the next day and was getting stronger. She likes to play in the yard, even in the poop and urine.

She is staying at the clinic with other stray dogs, and they will all be cured together as a group. It will be a miracle for the poor creatures.

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