“Doting Father’s 1.5-Year Project: Converting Daughter’s Room into a Whimsical Treehouse Haven”

A Reddit user named radamshome, who is an artist in the video game industry, became a super-dad candidate by building a fairy tree in his daughter’s bedroom. This magical project cost him $4,250 and took 350 hours to complete over 18 months. The tree, made of concrete and rebar, is so sturdy that it can support up to three adults. However, radamshome’s biggest concern is that his daughter might want to remove the tree from her room when she turns 13. What do you think, Pandas? Should we declare him as the winner of the 2016 father-of-the-year award?

“I wasn’t fully equipped for the physical demands of this project…”

It took a year and a half along with 350 hours of hard work to finish the undertaking.

Starting out with just a vision and a miniature prototype, Radamshome entered the video game realm as an artist.

To ensure the stability of the tree structure, he opted for private welding classes.

It took around 100-120 hours to finish the skeleton.

After the rebar was ready, we spent over 50 hours carefully wrapping it with a wire “skin”.

The tree trunk was made using a unique blend of cement, while the branches were crafted from papier-mâché. It took a total of 225 hours to complete this project.

As a youngster, the father had a knack for painting small-scale models. Recently, he put those skills to use in painting a tree using similar techniques.

He skillfully intertwined festive lights, with the option to adjust their brightness levels, into the tree’s limbs, creating a stunning imitation of sparkling stars.

I stumbled upon the charming fairy trinkets and tree embellishments at a Michael’s craft store.

What a delightful experience! The tree appears to be sturdy enough to accommodate three grown-ups!

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