“Embracing Imperfections: The Journey of Overcoming Body Shaming and Self-Stigma”

Introducing SOLDADO, a sweet dog who was discovered in an extremely sick and weak condition. It is believed that he was abandoned by someone and left without food or water for an extended period of time. Fortunately, he was taken to the Animal Hospital where he received exceptional medical care and loving attention from the vets and staff. Through daily therapy and patience, SOLDADO made remarkable progress in his recovery and is now able to walk and has gained weight. We are grateful to all the generous individuals who donated to help cover his medical expenses and allow him to receive the care he needed. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Sam Altair Mus for rescuing SOLDADO and giving him a chance at a happy life. For more details on his inspiring story, please watch the video below. God bless you all!

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