“Enveloped by Serene Greenery: A Luxurious Villa amidst Rolling Landscapes”

The Waimarino Lodge is an idyllic retreat situated in the serene Bob’s Cove area outside of Queenstown CBD, New Zealand. This luxurious property boasts a lakefront wilderness with stunning views from every angle and is designed by renowned architects Fearon Hay. The lodge offers a variety of accommodations to choose from, including the lavish ‘Owners Residence’, immaculate ‘Premium Villa’, and understated ‘Luxury Villa’ nestled among the verdant greenery of the sloping landscape. Guests can bask in the endless possibilities for adventure, from exploring Lake Wakatipu to conquering the mountain ranges nearby. Alternatively, they may opt to indulge in a relaxing soak in the outdoor bathtub while gazing up at the clear blue skies above.

Located in a serene bay, the ‘Owner’s Residence’ boasts of a contemporary exterior and stands on a vast area of 18,093 square metres. The highlight of this luxurious abode is its colossal sun terrace spanning across an area of 201 square metres, which features a heated infinity pool covering 40 square metres. A cozy conversation pit carved into the concrete patio, and warmed by a modern firepit, provides an ideal spot to unwind and talk about the day’s activities, including heli-skiing, hiking in the picturesque backcountry, and indulging in wine tastings at the vineyard.

What do you think of a living room that offers an incredible view? The Owner’s Residence, which is 495 square metres in size, is located at the front of the estate where stunning mountains and calm waters create a breathtaking scene. The local bird species add to the peaceful vibe created by nature’s beauty in the surrounding forest.

During winter when the surrounding mountains are covered in snow, a modern fireplace mounted on the ceiling keeps the luxurious villa warm. As the seasons change to spring and summer, the fireplace becomes an interesting sculptural piece that adds character to the contemporary monochrome lounge design. The decor palette is kept tranquil with light grey lounge furniture and a matching area rug, while the fireplace and a bold black rectangular coffee table serve as striking accents.

The elegant living area leads to an expansive dining room and a well-appointed kitchen equipped with a butler’s pantry. The large rectangular dining table is ideal for hosting big dinners with up to ten guests, and the option for a personal chef service and a fully stocked wine and whiskey cellar adds to the convenience and luxury of the space.

The villa situated on a slope provides breathtaking views of the lake and mountains from every angle. As a result, the outdoor living spaces have been given equal importance as the indoor areas.

The decor is kept to a minimum to pay tribute to the breathtakingly beautiful views. To blend in with the scenery, a transparent glass carafe is placed on display.

In the kitchen, a long white granite island extends behind the dining space. A pendant light illuminates the kitchen bar, where black stools stand out against the bright surface. The kitchen’s rear is decorated with dark cabinetry and a smooth, glossy black backsplash. One end of the kitchen features a wine storage area that is attractively lit, while a pair of pristine white vases adds an artistic touch to the opposite side.

A transparent glass vase is a stylish and effortless way to decorate the kitchen island. For an edgier look, a sleek black kitchen faucet and undermount sink add contrast to the otherwise pristine white countertop.

Enjoy your meals closer to nature with the help of an outdoor dining table and sleek modern chairs. To add a touch of elegance, separate the dining area from the pool using a bed of lush green grass. Not only does it create a visual contrast, but it also serves as a discreet pathway leading towards the top of the pool’s submerged steps.

During the colder months, having an outdoor fireplace is a great way to warm up and get cozy.

One of the luxurious master bedrooms in the vacation house features a contemporary platform bed that provides an excellent view of the breathtaking scenery. The room is also furnished with chic chairs that add a touch of elegance to the overall ambiance.

The ‘Premium Villa’ is a spacious 1-bedroom living space covering an area of 69 square metres. You can experience an unparalleled connection with nature by taking in the stunning 180-degree panoramic views of the lake and adjacent mountains.

Imagine yourself relaxing on a spacious sundeck that spans across 30 square metres. This area is ideal for admiring the scenery while sipping on a glass of wine.

Don’t worry about missing the beautiful view because an outdoor shower is available to keep you refreshed and connected. The plumbing fixtures and finishes in industrial style seamlessly complement the dark exterior cladding and blend into its corrugated texture.

Or, you could indulge in a luxurious bath while stargazing on the deck’s bathtub that’s built into the floor, and enhance the ambiance with flickering candles.

The ‘Luxury Villa’ boasts a smaller deck than others, but it has a secret surprise – a bathtub hidden away. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the stunning views while relaxing on the indoor/outdoor daybed provided.

Contemporary planters bring a touch of nature to your outdoor deck, while you play host with a glass of wine in hand. The gentle radiance from indoor lights seeps through translucent curtains, offering enough brightness for a cozy nighttime reading session.

Adding captivating artwork can elevate the ambiance of a bedroom with boldly painted walls.

Waimarino stands out as a luxurious eco-friendly lodging due to its use of off-grid technology and dedication to green practices. From the early planning stages to day-to-day upkeep, Waimarino prioritizes conscious sustainable development measures that significantly reduce its impact on the environment.

The lodge is surrounded by the beauty of nature, with trees and greenery surrounding the open-air dining area. The addition of an outdoor fireplace creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere for those enjoying a meal outdoors.

The villa is not huge, but it still offers a stunning view of the surrounding landscape. Even the indoor rainfall shower is located in a spot where you can enjoy the majestic mountainous scenery while you bathe. The double sink bathroom vanity has a mirror that reflects the breathtaking views, intensifying their impact. You can see for yourself how beautiful the villa is by watching the video on Home Designing’s Youtube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with their regular architecture and design content.

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