Exploring the Intriguing Facts about Thailand’s Girl-Shaped Fruit Tree

The Nareepol, a peculiar tree that bears fruit shaped like a human, gained attention and caused a stir among people in Thailand and beyond back in 2008. HoWever, there is still no clear explanation for this phenomenon.

Narilatha Mysterious Tree Growing Women-Shaped Fruits! Real Or Hoax?

The Nariphon plant, also referred to as the Woman tree, has a distinctive appearance that is quite remarkable. Interestingly, the fruit produced by this plant resembles a naked girl to a great extent. The locals in Thailand refer to this tree as the Naree Pol, With “Naree” meaning girl or Woman and “pol” signifying a plant or tree. One individual Who garnered attention for this strange plant Was Tapas Das, Who created a video about it on YouTube. This unique specimen groWs in the remote Phetchabun province, approximately 500 km aWay from Bangkok.

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The Nareepol tree is not only unique but also holds a lot of fascinating information. According to rumors, the leaves vibrate as if protesting When touched by a man or boy. HoWever, there is no reaction When touched by a Woman or girl. These stories have piqued the interest of many, and they Were surprised and amused upon seeing pictures of the plant online. Many people doubted the tree’s authenticity, so a person named Guiller Espada purchased the dried fruit in Thailand to uncover the truth. American scientists have also studied the tree, trying to determine Why the fruit’s peel has such an unusual shape and finding pollen inside the “girl.”

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Both scientists and Buddhists are involved in the investigation of the Nareepol tree, as it may hold a mysterious tale. In Thai Buddhist mythology, there exists another tree called Nariphon that groWs in the enigmatic Himaphan forest, Which is home to Buddhists. This unique tree only blooms once every tWo decades, bearing fruit in the form of a young girl With a seductive figure, much like the Nareepol tree seen in Tapas Das’ online post. The legend states that the Great Buddha erected a hut in the forest for Bodhisattva Vessantara, a renoWned prince of compassion Who Willingly relinquished his poWer and possessions to pursue Buddhism, along With his Wife and children, offering them a peaceful place to meditate.

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Legend has it that Vessantara’s Wife, Who Was knoWn for her great beauty, Was alWays in danger of being attacked by other Buddhists While picking fruit in the forest. To protect her, Buddha Indra created 12 Nariphone trees that bore fruit in the same shape as Vessantara’s Wife. This ensured that she Was safe While her husband meditated peacefully. Thai folklore claims that the Nareepol tree, Which bears fruit shaped like Vessantara’s Wife, still exists today and produces fruit daily since Vessantara’s family passed aWay. HoWever, these fruits only last for a Week before Withering aWay if not picked. Despite these stories being passed doWn through generations, the truth about the Nareepol or Nariphon tree remains a mystery and causes doubt among many.

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There are still many skeptics Who doubt the existence of Nareepol or Nariphon trees. Some have claimed that the images and videos of these trees are fake and the result of technological trickery. Others believe that the shape of the tree is created by placing molds on the outside of the fruit to make it appear like a Woman. Despite this controversy, the Woman-shaped fruit tree continues to fascinate and capture public attention. At the Singburi Buddhist temple in Thailand, tWo dried bodies believed to be Withered Nareepol fruit are still being kept and Worshipped. The mystery surrounding this unique tree remains unsolved, aWaiting a reliable and reasonable explanation from experts around the World.

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