Farewell to a Loyal Canine Companion: Customers Mourn the Loss of a Sweet Potato Shop’s Beloved Puppy

Losing a dear pet can be a challenging experience that many individuals face in their lifetime. This particular dog owner is currently grieving the loss of their beloved companion who has recently passed away.

This is the heartwarming tale of a charming Shiba Inu dog that has gained widespread attention on social media for its unwavering loyalty and assistance to its owner in maintaining their place of business. The little pooch rose to fame in 2019 after the launch of Inu No Yakiimoyasan – a sweet potato stall located in Sapporo, Japan – which the dog diligently guards. What’s truly remarkable is that Ken-kun is the sole caretaker of the business, as his parents leave him for extended periods of time without any issue until his unfortunate passing.

Ken-kun’s work environment is comfortable and pleasant. His stand is equipped with a space heater for colder days and a fan for warmer weather. The owner regularly checks on Ken-kun and takes him for walks once his shift is over. It’s evident that Ken-kun enjoys his job and eagerly assists customers who approach his stand. Whenever he hears voices, he’s quick to jump up and greet them by either taking orders or accepting pats.

Although dogs cannot count, Ken-Kun possessed a remarkable trait of honesty that made him stand out. He was the face of Inu no Yakiimoyasan, which became a popular attraction in Japan due to his presence. Customers flocked to the kiosk just to interact with the friendly pup who also made sure they paid for their purchases. Sadly, after serving his owners faithfully for years, Ken-Kun has passed away. The announcement was made through his owner’s Instagram account on June 6. Despite his illness since May 31, Ken-Kun managed to visit his favorite store before he left. His cause of death remains unconfirmed, but his owners are grateful for the support they received and cherished the memories of their beloved furry friend.

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