Fearless pitbull confronts vicious cougar, rescues two kids from danger

Introducing Morocho, the brave Dogo who fearlessly rescued two young girls from a puma assault. Recently, Ulises, the grandson of Dr. Nores Martines, ventured to La Cocha to fulfill some tasks. His plan was to finish his work and return on the same day, accompanied by his daughter, Sofa, who is ten years old. Upon arriving at the estancia, Ulises immediately began working with Tomas, the supervisor, while Sofa and Yoli, Tomas’s daughter, requested permission to consume figs plucked from a colossal fig tree located 700 yards away from the primary residence.

Yoli’s craving for the most delicious figs led her to climb high up the tree, where they were always found. However, her climb was interrupted by a surprise – she wasn’t the only one climbing. As she reached a height of 7 feet, the tree rustled and the branches twisted around her, giving her an unexpected experience.

Unbeknownst to her, a sneaky puma, commonly called a mountain lion or cougar, was lurking in the exact same tree as she was. Suddenly, she looked up and caught sight of the enormous feline pouncing down from the uppermost branches. Caught off guard, the predator lashed out at her with its paw, sending her tumbling backwards from a two-meter height.

Meet Ulises, a content pet parent of the famous dogo named Morocho. Recently, he went on an exploration trip with Yoli and her father in the estancia. Little did they know that their adventure would turn into a rescue mission. The sound of two girls screaming caught their attention, and Yoli’s father immediately rushed to their aid. As for Morocho, he showed immense bravery and confronted a puma to protect the girls, risking his own life in the process.

As soon as Tomas Bracamonte heard a noise, he sprang into action, thinking it could be a snake lurking nearby. To his surprise, he found Morocho, who had been severely injured but still breathing. The puma that caused the harm had already fled the scene. Morocho’s bravery came to the rescue of two young girls, and his heroic deeds are highly valued by all. Let’s pay tribute to our guardian angels and show gratitude towards Morocho for his valorous and selfless act.

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