“Feline Love: A Devoted Cat’s Year-Long Stay at her Late Owner’s Resting Place”

It’s been a whole year since the death of the cat’s owner, but the feline has never left the side of the blue headstone belonging to the old woman.

Passer, a 32-year-old man from Central Java, Indonesia, was the first person to hear the cries of the mourning kitten and attempt to assist it by adopting it. However, the kitten continued to return to the same spot, where it would nuzzle a small blue headstone. Experts in animal behavior suggest that while cats may appear aloof and indifferent, they are capable of grieving after the passing of their human companions. This grieving process can cause felines to become anxious, disinterested in their surroundings, and behave differently than usual.

As per The Mirror, Keli revealed that the cat sleeps and meows at her owner’s grave. It is a heartbreaking sight to witness and highlights the strong bond between animals and their owners. Recently, pictures have surfaced of the feline who has been living at her owner’s burial site for over a year now, showing just how much she misses her beloved human.

Every day, the furry animal strolls to its previous dwelling, where it is handed food by the offspring of the elderly lady. After that, it makes its way back to the burial site.

Have you ever heard someone say that cats don’t care about their humans? Well, that’s just not true! These furry felines can be incredibly loyal companions. Share this message with your friends and family to spread the word and show some love for our feline friends.

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