“Feline Mom’s Sacrifice: Cat Chooses Crate for Her Kittens’ Comfort Over Outdoor Living”

Be sure to follow Love Meow on Facebook! Recently, a feline strolled into a crate with the intention of moving inside. Her goal was to ensure her three kittens would have what she couldn’t offer them.

three gray kittens hugs

A kind-hearted animal rescuer in Montreal was offering assistance to a group of community cats that had taken refuge in a lady’s backyard. While tending to the felines, she discovered a famished and heavily pregnant young cat. Without hesitation, the cat walked straight into a crate the rescuer had prepared, seemingly eager to be rescued from the streets and into a secure environment. According to Celine from ChatonsOrphelinsMontreal, the cat was very young and appeared to be on the verge of giving birth any moment.

rescued stray pregnant cat

@comrescuemontreal shared that Celine was quick to respond to the request for assistance from the expecting mother. Without any hesitation, she took in the cat and provided her with a cozy nursery at a foster home. The cat had everything she needed to thrive, including ample food and blankets. Although initially nervous, Celine soon warmed up to affection from her caretakers and craved attention.

stray cat pregnant

The Twitter account @comrescuemontreal shared a heartwarming story about a cat named Bellatrix. As soon as she was taken in by her foster family, she craved affection from her new caretaker. On the first day in her new home, she even purred and exposed her belly to receive some cuddles. However, it didn’t take long for Bellatrix to become a mother. In just two hours, she gave birth to three healthy gray kittens.

gray newborn kittens

Once the little ones were all cleaned up and snuggled up close to their mother, the foster caregiver realized that something wasn’t quite right. The kittens didn’t seem to be growing, and a few of them were even losing weight. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that Bellatrix wasn’t producing any milk.

kitten bottle feeding

The Twitter account @comrescuemontreal shared a heartwarming story about a nurturing mother cat named Bellatrix. Despite being unable to produce milk, Bellatrix showed her love for her three kittens by cleaning them and purring nonstop. Thankfully, volunteers came to the rescue and started bottle-feeding the little ones around the clock. Even so, Bellatrix continued to show her devotion by taking care of her babies’ hygiene needs after each meal. It’s a touching tale of a mother’s love and dedication to her young, even in the face of adversity.

kittens nursing cat

The initial days were crucial for the kittens, and they required constant bottle-feeding to enhance their chances of survival. The foster volunteers had to stay up all night to take care of them. However, after a few days, Bellatrix began to produce milk, and the kittens started nursing from her while being supplemented throughout the day. They grew plump and energetic, moving around the nest with ease.

gray kittens nursing cat

During their initial weeks, the kittens’ mother couldn’t provide adequate milk to nourish them. Luckily, their foster family took over and ensured that the kittens could flourish. In the following weeks, the litter grew rapidly and accomplished numerous milestones. Once they were weaned, they became rambunctious and caused chaos around the household, chasing each other tirelessly until exhaustion set in.

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@comrescuemontreal introduces us to three adorable triplet kittens who may look the same, but are unique in their own ways. The smallest one, Lunard, is also the most curious and likes to keep an eye on their human friends, following them wherever they go. Patmol, on the other hand, is the most playful of the trio and can turn anything into a toy. He loves to be the center of attention and will do whatever it takes to get it. Lastly, there’s Cornedrue, the laid-back teddy bear of the group, who loves nothing more than snuggling up close to his human for a nap. Despite their similarities in appearance, these three kittens have their own distinct personalities that make them all special in their own way.

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@comrescuemontreal announced that Bellatrix is now retiring from being a mother. She is currently enjoying her time snuggling with her humans and playing like a young kitten once again. Her days of worrying about pregnancy, food, and shelter are over. Bellatrix is constantly purring because she feels loved and secure in the knowledge that her kittens are well taken care of.

sleeping gray kittens

their rescue mission in Montreal!

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