“Fendi’s Second Chance: A Stray Cat Found in a Field Receives Life-Saving Treatment and a New Home”

The Riedel and Cody Fund recently shared the uplifting tale of Fendi, a feline discovered on the side of the road in Greenup, KY. Unfortunately, Fendi had suffered severe injuries to his legs and pelvis, likely from being hit by a car. However, a vigilant delivery driver came across the emaciated cat and took him under his wing. With the help of rescuers found online, Fendi received successful surgery on his broken legs and has since made a full recovery. The Riedel and Cody Fund expressed their gratitude to everyone who played a part in Fendi’s journey to leading a pain-free and carefree life, weighing in at a healthy 10.6 pounds. This inspiring success story is a testament to the power of community and compassion in helping those in need.

Fendi, cat with blue bandages

Despite severe injuries, Fendi the cat displayed an incredibly sweet and affectionate personality when rescued by One by One Animal Advocates in Huntington, WV. The emaciated feline was grateful for every bite of food given to him, and purred with pure excitement as he savored each mouthful. The rescuers recorded a video of Fendi humming with happiness, which captured his gratitude perfectly. Though it’s unclear how long Fendi had been left injured in the field, it seemed that his injuries had begun to heal improperly. Nevertheless, he remained kind and loving towards his rescuers. Once he was rescued, Fendi was taken to Proctorville Animal Clinic for emergency treatment.

cat with blue bandages on legs

Fendi, despite having endured severe injuries, is expected to make a full recovery. His unwavering will to live is truly remarkable. According to rescuer Heather, Fendi exudes positivity and has the ability to uplift anyone’s mood. Despite being in such a fragile state, Fendi remains loving and affectionate towards everyone he meets. Those who have had the pleasure of meeting him believe that he is an exceptional cat.

Fendi eating food

Teresa Atkins, a kind foster mom, welcomed Fendi into her home despite his severe health problems. The poor pup required orthopedic pins in both legs and had to wear diapers for six weeks during his recovery. Fortunately, someone else pitched in by donating carpeting to Fendi’s room, ensuring that he had a cozy surface to rest on.

Foster mom Teresa Atkins


Fendi has made a complete comeback, and it’s all thanks to the support of everyone involved.


Thanks to the attentive care of Atkin, the cat quickly gained weight – four pounds to be exact. The feline was initially frail and ill, but thanks to the tireless efforts of several rescuers and vets, it managed to turn its life around. Among the organizations that helped make this possible is Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue, which operates in Cincinnati as well as Staten Island, New York.

Ready for a forever home , Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue,

Thanks to the generosity of everyone who contributed through Waggle, Fendi has been given a fresh start!

Happy cat after recovery in foster care

Fendi, with the help of generous Waggle supporters, now enjoys a life free from pain and mobility issues. We express our deepest gratitude for their contributions towards Fendi’s essential medical treatment.

All healed up, cat after long recovery

Despite the struggles faced by Fendi, a collective effort was made to rectify the situation. This included the support of Cole and Marmalade’s community of followers. As a result, Fendi can now provide loving companionship to a fortunate family.

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