“Freedom at Last: Kitten Rescued from Two-Day Ordeal Trapped Between Boulders”

A small kitten was rescued by a homeowner after being stuck between two massive construction boulders for at least two days. The homeowner heard the kitten’s cries for help and was determined to assist in his rescue. The cream-colored feline had become wedged in a narrow gap between two enormous rocks, which were only inches apart. The homeowner, located on Greenville Avenue in Johnson, Rhode Island, immediately called for help upon discovering the trapped animal. Firefighters and officers from the Johnson Police Animal Control used The Jaws of Life to pry the boulders apart and free the kitten. The little furry buddy was so frightened that they took turns comforting him until he was ultimately freed from his entrapment.

Officer Erin Medeiros shared that during their rescue mission, they worked together to figure out the best approach to handle the situation. They strategically positioned themselves on both sides so that multiple firefighters could hold on in case something went wrong. One of the animals they rescued was a kitten who earned the nickname “Soldier” due to his resilience. Officer Medeiros expressed her gratitude towards JFD and the jaws of life for their assistance in saving Soldier, who she described as a miracle. She also thanked Julie Ring for taking care of him without any hesitation. Soldier is now doing well in foster care and is a beautiful and tenacious fighter.

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