From a Timid Stray to a Confident Feline: Seeking Affection and a Forever Home

A little kitty that was once an orphan and used to hide under blankets is now making loud roars to grab people’s attention, hoping to find a new owner.

Kittens can be quite determined to impress potential adopters, and it’s completely understandable. As an example, a small orange tabby was recently brought to the IndyHumane shelter located in Indianapolis. At the beginning, the kitty was very timid. It preferred hiding under blankets and would hiss at anyone who tried to interact with it.

Jennifer, an animal foster volunteer, took it upon herself to help a timid little animal at the center. She named the furry creature Butterball and decided to foster him at her home. To help him feel more at ease, she created a cozy corner for him with a comfortable bed and an array of toys to play with. She also made sure that he had access to food and water. It took Butterball a few hours to adjust to his new surroundings, but Jennifer was patient and gave him the time he needed to settle in.

Thanks to Jennifer’s assistance, the kitten made daily advancements. In just a week, the kitten transformed from being irritable and restless to being lively and enthusiastic. It was apparent that the kitten had not interacted with humans before, but with Jennifer’s guidance, it was able to reveal its genuine character.

Presently, the kitten is busy chasing his mom and cuddling in her lap throughout the day. He enjoys having fun with Jennifer and his playthings, and can be heard making the most amusing sounds. Although the kitten has some minor health concerns to address, there is no need to worry as they are not serious. Once he is fully recovered, he will be introduced to the other feline inhabitants. He is already enthusiastic about meeting them and will soon be available for adoption by a loving family.

We’re confident that his adorable roar will grab the interest of numerous potential adopters.

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