From Meows to Model: The Journey of a Charming Feline into the Fashion World

Introducing June, a feline hybrid of Maine Coon and Siberian breed, who’s endowed with mesmerizing blue eyes and distinct facial patterns. Owing to her captivating appearance, she has skyrocketed to fame and amassed a huge following on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

In 2013, as a tiny 12-week-old kitten, she entered into her human life. Ever since her humans brought her home, she has been a popular Instagram feline.

June’s mother has a passion for both photography and felines, thus leading her to create an Instagram page exclusively for June. The page is frequently updated with pictures of June, captured lovingly by her doting mother.

Once her pictures were shared, she proved to all that becoming a model was her calling! Her innate photogenic features and self-assuredness shone brightly through her alluring looks. Not only does she possess facial symmetry that translates well in pictures, but also has the knack to strike the perfect pose with ease, making every click immaculate.

Despite her occasional moodiness, June never fails to amaze us with her stunning photographs that leave us envious. Notably, June has a website with a blog section where her mother uploads her exciting stories and captivating pictures. This platform allows people to stay updated on June’s life and adventures.

The family expanded their furry friends in December 2019 with the addition of a lovely Norwegian Forest cat named Jazz, who was born on September 8, 2019. Just a year later, on September 4, 2020, they joyfully welcomed another new member to their household, Mason.

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