From Scrawny Stray to Majestic Pet: The Incredible Makeover of a Starving Puppy

Back in January of this year, we welcomed Harlow into our home after adopting him from a shelter managed by the P.S.A. It turns out that he was found locked up in a room while his owner was away on holiday. Unfortunately, due to his incredibly skinny frame, no one appeared to be interested in giving him a forever home.

After bringing him to my abode, he appeared uncomfortable being inside, therefore, I had to stay with him and calm him down using kind words. Additionally, to assist him in gaining weight, I also offered him some sustenance.

The next day, Jada and I let our dog have a blast outside. But, every time we left him alone, he appeared really down. So, I chatted with him non-stop and gave in to letting him snooze in my bedroom for two evenings.

Luckily, his appetite was intact and he was able to put on two kilograms within a week. Despite his progress, he still appeared very slender and had to gain at least 20 more kilograms to reach a healthy weight.

As time passed, his confidence grew while his anxiety diminished, allowing him to take leisurely walks even during nighttime. Moreover, he developed a liking for playing around in the garden. “After a quarter of a year, I brought him on his inaugural beach adventure, and he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.”

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