From Stray to Sovereign: The Rise of a Villainous Feline Monarch

When we come across a tiny kitten in need of rescue, we can’t resist their adorable looks and the way they depend on us for everything. It gives us a sense of fulfillment to hear their meows and feel their gentle purrs. With adequate care and affection, these kittens grow up into contented cats, but some can develop an attitude over time. The once sweet cat can now be sassy and show who’s boss. This is precisely what happened to Leia, a kitten who lost her parents and took on the title of Her Majesty the Queen of Evil.

What’s the story behind Leia’s name and her transformation into the Queen of Evil? As huge fans of Star Wars, we decided to name our first female cat Leia. However, we rarely referred to her by that name. Instead, I would enter the house and call out “Baby???” and she would come running. For some time, she was known as Baby until she hit her teenage years and started becoming rather moody. That’s when she earned her new title as the EvilQueen.

Can you describe how she interacts with the other cats in your household? It seems like she can be a bit of a bully to your other female, Darby. She enjoys chasing and cornering her, which can lead to some popping. However, her brothers give her a taste of her own medicine. Interestingly enough, she seems to get along well with Ozzy, who shares her mischievous personality. We even refer to him as Evil Jr.

When it comes to her favorite pastimes, she loves chasing crinkle balls, indulging in Squeeze Ups, and slowly diminishing the lizard population one by one.

Based on her behavior, we can safely say that her cattitude is at an expert level, earning a solid 10 out of 10!

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Do you want to know something unique about Her Majesty the Queen of Evil? Despite her feisty nature, she doesn’t meow like most felines. Instead, she makes cute little squeaking sounds that are reminiscent of a furry Siren. Even though she can be moody, she is my favorite among our six cats. She has a habit of snuggling with me at night but jumps up immediately if another cat enters the room, as if she wants to protect her evil reputation. Her Majesty is a three-year-old rescue who became an orphan when she was only a few weeks old. We bottle-fed her, and perhaps we spoiled her too much. As a kitten, she clung to me and even went on car rides to pick up my kids from school. However, these days, she growls when someone picks her up or rubs her. She only wants love when it’s 4 am or when I’m on the toilet. She is quite picky about what she eats, and she demands water from the bathtub faucet instead of drinking from a bowl. Despite all her diva-ness, she welcomes new kittens with open arms, bathing and cuddling them. Her Majesty is still the Queen of Tuxitude around our home, and we love her for all of her attitude. Thanks to her cat mom, Jennifer, for sharing her story and pictures with Cattitude Daily readers.

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