“From Suffering to Love: The Triumph of Saving a Helpless Pup”

Meet Ava, a 45-day-old adorable puppy who had a tough start in life due to two damaged hind legs. She was left to suffer in filth and mange until kind rescuers came to her rescue. The rescuers quickly took her to be examined, where they discovered that she had an incredibly low red blood cell count of only 17%. To help improve her condition, Ava needs medication to increase her blood cell count. Additionally, her liver and kidneys are not functioning properly, and she requires treatment for a blood parasite. Despite the challenges, Ava is receiving proper care and attention from her rescuers, and we hope for her swift recovery.

On the ninth day, Ava received medical attention from a veterinarian for her blood parasite and mange. Fortunately, her skin is gradually recovering and she’s showing more energy. In fact, she even tried to use her left hind leg while balancing on two legs.

After thirteen days, the foster mother mentioned that she has to take the dog to the vet for an X-ray to check if her bones are okay. She also added that she will monitor the dog’s poop and temperature.

After being treated for over a month, Ava’s health issues were all taken care of. Her coat also became smooth and silky, and she started to develop normally. She’s now quite energetic and sociable, and she loves her rescuers. It’s amazing to see the difference! Check out the video below and share it with your loved ones.

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