“From Trash to Treasure: The Amazing Rescue of a Dog Left to Die by the Riverbed”

Occasionally, there are animal rescue tales that leave me in awe and one such tale is that of Oliviero’s. However, it’s important to note that this account contains disturbing images that may not be suitable for all readers.

While taking a leisurely walk in Messina, two women stumbled upon a discarded bag in a dried-up river. Upon hearing faint whimpers emanating from the bag, they decided to investigate its contents. The discovery that awaited them was both shocking and distressing, leaving them horrified.

The poor canine was tied up with electric wire, shoved into a trash bag, and abandoned in the Terme Vigliatore river. The appalling sight was made even worse by the presence of a decomposing calf lying close by.

Assistance was requested and a volunteer from an animal rescue team, Linda Li, was dispatched to help. Upon arrival, she observed that the puppy was in critical condition. He was infested with numerous ticks and fly larvae, and he appeared to be severely dehydrated and in shock. Linda described the insects as consuming the poor pup. The rescuers provided him with water and promptly transported him to a veterinarian’s office.

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