“From wobbly steps to newfound freedom: A kitten’s heart filled with glee as it learns to run on all fours”

To some individuals, having the ability to walk, talk, or see might seem trivial. However, animals like kittens do not possess these skills initially, and therefore, they become overjoyed when they first acquire them. Recently, a small kitten’s sheer excitement for learning how to walk delighted us all.

The Canadian Chatons Orphelins Montréal shelter has a new resident in the form of Rubbix, a rescued kitten. Fortunately, he had his younger brother Boo to keep him company during their journey to the shelter. Sadly, Rubbix isn’t as healthy as he seems due to a leg condition that affects his mobility.

Although it may seem like a trivial matter, the predicament of the kitten was distressing and caused great concern for those who saved him. “Rubbix’s hind legs were rotated 180 degrees, while his front legs and rear knees were used to move,” revealed Celine Crom from Chatons Orphelins in Montreal.

Ever since Rubbix was rescued, he has been a daring feline who never shies away from an adventure. Despite his physical limitations, he remains enthusiastic about exploring the world around him. Rubbix is a fun-loving cat who loves to cuddle with various objects and enjoys getting hugs from them as well.

Due to Rubbix’s leg condition, he was brought to a shelter orthopedist for proper diagnosis.

To give the kitten a better quality of life, the vet suggested surgery and it was carried out. Celine shared that the earlier the surgery was done, the higher the chances of positive results. The deformity caused by tension on the tendons could worsen with age, and they wanted to ensure that the kitten lived a pain-free and normal life.

What an impressive feline warrior! Just one day post-surgery and already up and about, strutting with pride and a strong sense of ethics. Thankfully, the danger is now gone and it won’t be long before this remarkable cat is back to full health again. This news comes from petstv.net.

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