“Grandfather Reunites with Deaf and Blind Dog, and Their Heartwarming Connection Will Melt Your Heart”

When Hayden Kristal brought home her 5-week-old deaf and blind dog, Bitsy, five years ago, her father Steve was worried about how she would manage. However, Steve’s concerns were quickly diminished when he met the active and upbeat puppy. Bitsy has proven to be a daring and outspoken dog who loves adventure. Her mother has taken her hiking, canoeing, riding the metro, and even skating, making her a far cry from the pitiful dog her grandfather had envisioned. According to Kristal, Bitsy is the kindest, friendliest, most loving, and devoted dog in the world. Her grandfather adores her and spends as much time with her as possible, spoiling her with treats and toys.


However, the COVID restrictions imposed last year had a significant impact on Bitsy and her mother’s daily routine. They faced various challenges, with one of the most challenging being the separation from their loved ones, particularly Kristal’s father.



After being separated for over a year, Bitsy finally had the chance to reunite with her beloved grandfather. Despite fears that she may have forgotten him during their time apart, Steve was thrilled to discover that his precious pup still recognized him immediately upon his arrival. In fact, their reunion was so heartwarming that it brought tears to both of their eyes. Steve took to Facebook to express his gratitude for the special bond that he shares with Bitsy, calling her a “wonderfully beautiful and loving soul.” It’s clear that their love for one another knows no bounds.



Kristal was confident that her faithful dog would always remember the person who showed her so much love and care. With the family reunited, things seemed a bit more cheerful for everyone.

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