Heartwarming Moment as Missing Service Dog Reunites with Owner and Collapses in Embrace, Overcome with Happiness

According to reports, the Virginia Beach Police Department is currently in the midst of investigating a case involving the theft of a vehicle that had a man’s service dog inside. The owner, Bobby Linville, who earns a living as a street performer, revealed that his eight-month-old Husky mix named Baby Girl Blue was still inside the van when it was taken from a nearby parking lot.

Linville relies heavily on Blue’s aid to maintain a regular routine. The dog not only offers psychological comfort but also physical assistance. Blue has an intuitive understanding of Linville’s autistic traits and epileptic episodes, which he can predict and respond to accordingly. Furthermore, Linville battles with post-traumatic stress disorder, and Blue plays a crucial role in helping him manage the condition.

The condition of my van doesn’t really bother me much. Fortunately, my boss’s impressive assortment of cars makes it possible for me to buy a new one whenever I want. While cars are easy to come by, my dog is a one-of-a-kind companion that can’t be replaced. Can you comprehend the significance of my dog being my trusty sidekick? As Linville revealed to 10 On Your Side, “He was my closest confidant, my ultimate companion; it’s difficult not to become emotional talking about him.”

A police officer in Norfolk found Baby Girl Blue and took her to the Norfolk Animal Care Center. The officer saw a report on WAVY News 10 about a missing dog and contacted Linville to arrange a reunion with Blue. Linville was overjoyed to have Blue back and held her tightly as she collapsed from happiness at seeing him again.

Linville is feeling grateful as he is reunited with his precious pet, however he is currently experiencing homelessness. The culprit who stole both Linville and Blue’s van is still at large and authorities are actively searching for him. Previously, Linville and Blue had been residing in their van. In the meantime, Linville is working hard to accumulate enough funds to buy a new van.

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