How a Mustachioed Kitten Stole the Hearts of a Loving Family

A feline with a flawless mustache approached a couple and made the decision to become a member of their family.

Romain and Sabrine, a French couple, crossed paths with the adorable kitten, O’gringo, when he was only three months old. The little feline’s perfect mustache captured their hearts instantly, and it seemed that the feeling was mutual.
In an interview with Love Meow, Romain recounted how he played with O’gringo, which led to the kitten’s purring and cuddling. This encounter cemented their bond, and the couple was convinced that O’gringo was meant to be a part of their family.

Upon being welcomed by his new family, the feline made acquaintance with their resident cat named Milko. The two cats immediately formed a bond and began to run around the house, causing some trouble. Romain expressed that the new kitty is very energetic, cheerful, and has a charming personality. He also loves playing, climbing curtains, and jumping around.

This feline has a peculiar tendency to stand on his hind legs, reminiscent of a meerkat. He can maintain this stance for a few minutes at a time. Additionally, when he desires something, he refuses to accept rejection. This small cat with a mustache is quite insistent.

This adorable feline possesses a powerful purring mechanism that kicks in as soon as it receives affectionate strokes from its owner. The sound produced by its purr motor is quite audible.

With his charming looks and lovable demeanor, he’s the perfect package. Always up for a good time, he’s an inquisitive explorer who’s never afraid to try new things. His presence brings boundless amusement and contented purring to the entire household.

When he’s not causing mischief and chaos, he can be found lounging on the sofa, sound asleep.

Their pet cat with a mustache is now in charge of supervising their household. This feline takes its new role quite seriously and is dedicated to carrying out its duties.

Milko, the 4-year-old rescued feline, has been transformed into an energetic kitten thanks to his new companion. Their bond is unbreakable, and they have developed a strong friendship that cannot be separated.

The cute little kitty with a charming mustache has now reached adulthood and transformed into a stunning feline. He never fails to capture the affection of anyone who comes across him.

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