Introducing Bobby: The Charming Kitten with Bat-Like Ears and Amazing Skills, Stealing Hearts with His Adorable Ways

Meet Bobby Bat Ears, a rescued kitten who has a unique and adorable talent. This precious feline is one of a kind and has captured the hearts of many. Despite his challenging start in life, Bobby is full of life and energy. His prominent ears add to his charm and make him stand out from the crowd. Bobby’s special talent is something that no one can resist – he loves to cuddle! This little guy is always eager to snuggle up with his humans, and his affectionate nature is contagious. Bobby Bat Ears is a true gem and a perfect example of how rescue pets can bring joy and happiness into our lives.

Meet Booby, the adorable rescue kitten with a unique talent that earned him the nickname “Bobby Bat Ears”. This furry little guy can wiggle his ears while he’s being bottle fed, and it’s just about the cutest thing you’ll ever see!

Bobby and his two feline companions were discovered alone under a lemon bush in Melbourne, Australia. Whether they were abandoned by their mother or became separated from their family is unclear. Fortunately, the kittens were brought to the Mount Waverley Animal Emergency Centre, where they received the necessary care. However, their future was uncertain as they faced the possibility of being put down.

Fortunately, Bobby and his siblings were rescued by a caring foster parent, Annemarie Veneros. As Bobby is still a tiny kitten without his mother, he requires bottle feeding to ensure that he receives all the essential nutrients for healthy growth. While feeding Bobby, Annemarie noticed that he would adorably wiggle his ears each time he was fed.

Due to this, she recorded a video of him and shared it on YouTube through 2nd Chance Cat Rescue with a helpful suggestion: ‘Remember, Bobby should always be held upright when bottle feeding. Don’t feed him on his back.’ Surprisingly, over 3 million individuals have viewed this adorable kitten, and the video swiftly became viral.

Did you catch Bobby’s adorable reaction to his meal in the video? He was so content that he even wiggled his ears to express his gratitude. It’s not every day you witness a kitten or cat display such a charming gesture, so if you found Bobby as endearing as we did, please spread the word and share his cuteness with all your feline-loving pals. You won’t regret it! This footage is sourced from

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