Liam, the Feline of Subotica: A Story of Perseverance and Sparkle

Liam’s story is a common one for stray cats, and it is quite saddening. In 2016, he was born on the streets as his mother was unwanted, and sadly, the same fate was bestowed upon him. Despite the difficulties he faced, Liam managed to persevere and taught himself to survive. He found out that he could receive food and love by showing affection to people.

Luckily, Liam’s fortunes turned around when he discovered a charming little store that welcomed him without any issues. Though he wasn’t always greeted with open arms, the shopkeepers would sometimes provide him with a warm bed to sleep in and a delicious meal to satisfy his hunger. Despite his scrappy street cat status, he appreciated these sporadic acts of kindness. Sadly, his good luck ran out when the boutique moved, leaving Liam to fend for himself once more.

Sitting outside the place he used to call home, he was hopeful for a warm meal, some comfort and maybe even a hug. But to his disappointment, he was met with harsh words and shoving, and his hunger only grew worse. He knew he couldn’t stay there any longer, but had nowhere else to go. Luckily, Cat Shelter Felix heard his story and realized no one else would help him without their involvement. They decided to transport him 200 kilometers away to an employee’s vacant apartment in Belgrade, where he stayed until he could be taken to the shelter.

Liam is thriving and in excellent physical condition. He underwent neutering and received a clean bill of health from the vet, with no signs of FIV or FeLV. Although he relishes spending time outside during beautiful weather, his go-to spot for unwinding is a cozy radiator. He’s making the most of every moment and living his life to the fullest.

When you first see him, you wouldn’t believe he’s the same cat that he is now. It’s amazing how much he has transformed because of good food, a calm surrounding, and a happy life outdoors. He looks so satisfied and fit, with his fur shining in the winter sun. This cheerful feline is a sign of how love and appropriate attention can do wonders for our furry companions.

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