Little Feline With Stunted Growth Wins Over Hearts and Finds a Loving Home – Lillise’s Story

She provided him with solace, and he was reluctant to release his grip.

When the Kitten Inn in Lower Hutt, New Zealand rescued Widdle and his sister at six weeks old, they immediately noticed that the ginger boy was smaller than other kittens his age. However, despite his size, Widdle had a lot of energy and would frequently meow and chirp for attention. He enjoyed being around people and craved affection. Fortunately, Jessie, a vet nurse, took Widdle and his sibling home to foster. The tiny kitten loved keeping warm and would cling onto anything cozy. Whenever Jessie picked him up, he would instantly climb onto her shoulders and snuggle up.

Widdle is a kitty who loves to nap, but he never sleeps alone. He always wants to cuddle with his humans as he is a very affectionate pet. This clingy feline just craves love and attention from his favourite people.

Jessie used to take Widdle with her to work on a regular basis since the feline always demanded to join in. According to Jessie, Widdle is a true “shoulder cat,” and he would jump onto anyone’s shoulder to show his affection. Despite some people being hesitant about having Widdle on their shoulders, he remains a cheerful and loving creature. Jessie proudly admitted that Widdle is her little treasure.

After six months, Widdle has finally reached the weight of 2.2 pounds (1 kg). According to Jessie, his symptoms indicate that he has panhypopituitarism, a type of dwarfism. Though he may remain small forever, Widdle’s heart is huge and full of love to share.

When he’s not sitting on his owner’s shoulders, he loves to snuggle up in their embrace and purr contentedly. It’s pure happiness!

Widdle experiences ultimate joy when he cuddles up close to his beloved human.

The furry pet clasped onto his owner’s hand using its paws.

Widdle lends a paw to make game time more enjoyable.

Hey, give me some attention meow!

It has been six months since Widdle became a part of their family. Jessie shared that Widdle is still tiny enough to sit on their shoulder comfortably. “Whenever I enter the living room, he jumps on my shoulder,” she added.

The adorable orange kitten trails behind his beloved humans as they move from room to room, lavishing them with affectionate snuggles and contented purring.

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