Marvel at a marsh-side tiny home, constructed in a mere 6 weeks and equipped with all the essentials

The popularity of tiny homes is on the rise. Due to the high cost of rent and unaffordable house prices in Ireland, many people are gravitating towards downsizing to mortgage-free, compact homes. A new tiny house builder has emerged in Cork. JP Simpson, who has lived in a tiny home for over 15 years, believes that smaller and more efficient homes could be the solution to the housing crisis that we face today.

JP is set to introduce his brand new venture, Big Man Tiny Homes, this coming weekend on July 20th due to a growing demand. According to him, people crave for more independence and they are not fond of being shackled with enormous debts. He believes that by living in confined spaces, one can attain the freedom they have been dreaming of.

Usually, a diminutive abode measures around 480sq ft and has a price range of €45,000 to €80,000. It already includes a furnished bathroom and kitchen, as well as an open-concept living area and one or two sleeping quarters. These petite dwellings are readily purchasable in a move-in-ready state and can be constructed rapidly, taking merely six to eight weeks, before being transported onto your desired spot via crane. You also have the option to append an alfresco balcony or encompassing veranda to extend your living space.

Interested in the idea of owning a tiny home? Check out the Big Man Tiny Homes show house this weekend (July 20th and 21st) from noon to six PM at the Old Head of Kinsale in Cork. Take a guided tour of a tiny house and get tips from experts including an architectural consultant and an engineer. Don’t miss this chance to explore the possibility of starting your journey on the property ladder with a tiny home!

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