“Marvelous Discovery: Watch a Starfish Take a Walk on the Beach Before Returning to its Home in The Ocean”

The internet has been buzzing over a video of a starfish that appears to be walking on a beach. Zeb Hallock captured the strange sight in Corolla, North Carolina and recorded it before gently returning the creature to the ocean. The video showcases the starfish using the many hair-like cilia on its underside to move inch by inch across the sand.

Zeb Hallock from Corolla, North Carolina had an amazing experience when he came across a unique creature. He filmed the strange phenomenon of starfish walking around on the sand near the water. According to Mr Hallock, some of the starfish were in tide pools while others were strolling on the sand at a very slow pace. He carefully relocated the ones that were on the sand back to the ocean or a tide pool. Other beachgoers were also fascinated by the large number of starfish and helped to relocate them to the water.

The video showcases a remarkable sea creature that employs its numerous hair-like cilia located underneath its body to move along the sandy bottom. Although the footage was captured back in October 2012, it was recently shared on social media, where it has gone viral with an impressive four million views on Facebook. Many viewers were amazed by the creature’s unique and surprising method of movement, with Tisha Leclerc commenting, “I had no idea they had feet!” Others, like Michele Peck, expressed gratitude for the creature’s adaptive abilities, stating, “Thank you! Without their incredible skills, these poor creatures would not have been able to survive.”

The video was recorded back in October of 2012, however, it has recently gained popularity on social media after being posted earlier this month. It has now surpassed four million views on Facebook.

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