Maximizing Your Space: Creative Storage Solutions for a Beautiful and Tidy Home Design

The apartments may be petite, covering only around 50 square metres, but their city-inspired ambiance exudes an air of luxury. The stylish furnishings blend seamlessly with the modest area, ensuring that the overall aesthetic remains uncompromised. Thanks to ingenious storage solutions, the apartment layout remains uncluttered, allowing only the most exquisite features to catch the eye. Our virtual tours showcase the apartments in a luminous decor, which enhances the impression of spaciousness and the height of the ceilings. To add a touch of personality to the open-plan living areas, red and blue accents are introduced as a way of breaking up the neutral colour scheme. Additionally, the bedroom’s statement wall is treated with a vibrantly-hued colour block, while the bathroom design is given a dark and mysterious makeover. We provide detailed floor plans for each apartment at the end of the tour.

Our first flat in Minsk, Belarus is situated on the second level of a panel building and boasts an area of 49 square metres. The interior exudes a chic and crisp vibe, with wooden embellishments providing a touch of warmth to the cool grey colour scheme. Despite its size, the living room is stylishly furnished with a sleek grey modern sofa occupying one corner and additional seating provided by storage poufs. A double-headed swing arm wall lamp extends light over the entire lounge setup.

A round rug that mimics the shape of a circular coffee table is a trendy addition to any living room. The terrazzo top of the table adds a fashionable touch, while the wooden base of the rug creates a warm contrast.

On the far side of the couch, a charming vase filled with dried pampas grass provides a cozy, earthy touch.

The duo of storage poufs can be neatly tucked away under the TV stand, freeing up precious floor space.

When you don’t have a fireplace, candles are a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living space. To make the most out of the limited space and low ceiling of a small apartment, we opted for light-colored decorations that would make the room feel bigger and brighter.

By adding a chic gold sputnik chandelier, the cozy dining area in the kitchen is given its own distinct space. To maximize the limited area, a small dining table is nestled snugly against a versatile wall of shelves and pegboards.

A hanging industrial light fixture has been mounted onto the wall as a unique and functional pendant light.

Wooden shelves with a grainy texture complement the wooden dining table and chairs seamlessly.

The dining area is adorned with an indoor plant and a stylish fruit bowl.

The compact one wall kitchen is situated near the dining area, yet its white finish gives the small space a cozy and roomy feel.

The ice white kitchen gets a subtle textured touch with the addition of a terrazzo backsplash.

The contrasting colors of black and white are evident in the kitchen design. The cabinets have black handles that provide a striking contrast against the white background. Additionally, a black kitchen faucet adds another layer of contrast to the white countertop.

The glass partition in the bedroom really opens up the living area and lets in plenty of natural light.

The minimalist concept of the home office surprisingly offers ample space for work and productivity. The wall is adorned with white cabinets that provide enough storage for all your office essentials. On the other end, a cozy blue sofa adds a pop of color and creates a welcoming ambiance in the workspace.

Incorporating wooden trestles into the desk design brings a touch of nature to the overall aesthetic.

Wooden doors that have perforations serve the dual purpose of hiding and adorning certain areas of the bookshelf.

In order to comply with legal and financial constraints, we had to maintain the initial design of the apartment. However, we managed to make some adjustments to the layout. We converted a gloomy hallway into a spacious closet that links the entrance area with the living room.

The slender wall behind the entryway chair is adorned with charming decorative hooks.

Every aspect of the storage systems was meticulously planned and designed with precision.

Let’s talk about the layout of a space. Have you ever heard of a floor plan? It’s basically a diagram that shows the arrangement of rooms and furniture in a building. It’s a great tool for architects, designers, and homeowners when planning out their living or work spaces. A well-designed floor plan can optimize the use of space, create flow and functionality, and enhance the overall aesthetic of a room. So next time you’re contemplating a renovation or new construction project, be sure to consider a well thought out floor plan.

Our new flat boasts a cozy 50 square metre space, adorned in sandy hues with a delightful pop of color here and there. The living area boasts a modern minimalistic theme, with sleek curves and clean lines. A circular light fixture beautifully complements the round rug, while the beige sofa blends smoothly into the airy layout.

The cleverly designed wooden TV wall is, in fact, located at the rear end of the bedroom wardrobes.

The coffee table designed like a racetrack seamlessly mirrors the shape of the modular sofa.

In this open plan room, the dining area is easily distinguished from the rest with the use of red elements. The hot color of the rectangular dining table and matching chairs stands out beautifully against the cold white kitchen. A red rattan light shade adds to the red theme and hangs from a painted ceiling feature that perfectly matches the color scheme. For more dining room pendant light ideas that are sure to catch the eye, check out our collection.

A transparent vase is an ideal choice if you want a simple and neat table centerpiece.

A minimalist kitchen design can be achieved by combining white cabinets, backsplash, countertop, and a matching faucet. The use of all-white elements gives a clean and crisp look to the kitchen.

Smooth interior doors without frames blend seamlessly into the walls painted in white.

Having a mirror without a frame can make your small entryway appear more spacious.

The glass reflects a cozy wooden entryway seat, creating a beautiful duplication of its warm accents.

On either side of a charming stone statement wall, you’ll find elegant black pendant lights illuminating a cozy bedroom. The rustic feel of the wall perfectly complements the modern design of the lighting fixtures, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Over the headboard, a wall decoration with a bohemian flair drapes macrame tassels.

The light oak wardrobes are lit up by a sleek black suspension light.

Entering the bathroom introduces a whole new atmosphere with its dark and moody decor, accentuated by an attention-grabbing blue pedestal sink.

The vanity area and spacious walk-in shower enclosure are adorned with lavish white marble slabs. These special slabs were custom-made to fit perfectly in the area.

The bathroom basin is accompanied by towering shelving units on its side, painted in a beautiful shade of blue.

The contemporary toilet blends in seamlessly with the monochromatic color scheme of the bathroom.

The white marble wall tiles provide a striking contrast to the black shower unit and toiletries shelf.

The layout diagram highlights a practical laundry space located between the kitchen area and the front entrance of the house.

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