“Precious Pug Given Luxurious Farewell: A Pastor from Pennsylvania Shares Photos of Open-Casket Funeral”

In a touching tribute to his beloved pet, a pastor from Pennsylvania went all out to give his pug Dexter a grand funeral. Tim Beville Jr., who leads services at the Restoration Temple in Allentown, organized an elaborate send-off for the 7-year-old pup, who passed away in April after falling ill in February. The May 4 ceremony featured an open casket, an assortment of flowers, and a beautiful embroidered print of Dexter, allowing Beville to pay his respects and say goodbye to his loyal companion in style.

Flowers at Dexter's funeral

A variety of blooms were present at Dexter’s memorial service held on May 4, as seen in a photo shared by Tim Beville Jr. on Facebook.

Dexter open casket funeral

Dexter was dressed in a blue bow tie, accompanied by his favorite chew toy and wrapped in a warm fleece blanket as he was laid to rest in a casket. Attendees of the funeral were given a program featuring a photo of Dexter and had the chance to sign in to the ceremony.

Programmes at Dexter's funeral

At the funeral, attendees were able to sign in and take home a program that paid tribute to Dexter. Additionally, an obituary was written and shared, which highlighted just how devoted Dexter was to his owner. The obituary stated that Dexter had always slept next to his owner until he fell ill in February and spent time in the hospital. After his recovery, Dexter never left his owner’s side again.

A photo of Dexter, the pug.

A snapshot of Dexter taken prior to his passing has been shared by Tim Beville Jr. on Facebook. Those who wish to express their condolences have been requested in the obituary to either send flowers to the family or plant a tree in memory of Dexter. The cremation of Dexter took place at Creekside Pet Crematory located in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday morning.

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