Proud Bicolor Faced Cat Fathers Two Unique Colored Kittens

Meet Narnia, the stunning feline known for his distinctive two-tone face. Recently, he became a proud papa to two adorable kittens who inherited his unique facial features. Interestingly, each kitten took on one of the two colors from Narnia’s divided face on their corresponding sides. Narnia, who is three years old, possesses a rare genetic trait that sets him apart from other cats. His face is literally split down the middle with two different hues creating a striking contrast.

Meet Narnia, a charming feline from France who now resides in the United Kingdom with his doting owner, Stephanie Jiminez. This unique cat has captured the hearts of many with his stunning appearance. One look at Narnia’s face and you’ll notice that he has a distinctive feature – one side is gray while the other is black. Additionally, his gorgeous blue eyes are an unusual color that only adds to his allure.

“I was absolutely blown away when Narnia came into this world. I could tell right away that this little guy was one-of-a-kind. His unique black and gray two-faced appearance is incredibly rare.”

Typically, a cat’s unique traits can be attributed to chimerism, which is a genetic variation where an individual has two distinct types of cells with differing genetic material. This is a natural occurrence and can result in male cats having an additional X chromosome during their embryonic phase.

Meet the incredible Narnia, the double-faced cat that has taken Facebook by storm. Unlike other cats with this rare anomaly, genetic tests have revealed that Narnia is not a chimera, making him even more of a mystery to science. According to his owner Stephanie, a geneticist conducted tests and found that Narnia has only one DNA, adding to his uniqueness and wonder.

According to Stephanie, the Facebook-famous cat named Narnia possesses a unique trait of having beautiful blue eyes despite being completely black. This is quite unusual since blue eyes are commonly found in white cats. However, the highlight of the story is that Narnia recently became a father to two adorable kittens – one gray and the other black – mirroring the colors on their father’s face.

The double-faced cat on Facebook known as Amazing Narnia has caught the eyes of many. The two adorable kittens, Phoenix with gray hair and Prada with black, were born in the previous year and have become quite popular due to their stunning looks. What makes them unique is that they inherited each color of their father’s face, making them a sight to behold.

According to the Instagram page of amazingnarnia, the proud owner of this furry feline claims that he excels in his role as a father to his two adorable kittens. The double-faced cat, Narnia, is loved and taken care of by his owner who couldn’t be happier with her two lovely offspring. Stephanie, when asked about Narnia’s well-being, happily shared with Bored Panda that Narnia is doing great and loves to play with his kittens. It’s worth mentioning that Narnia has been a dad before, and all his previous offspring had different fur colorations.

The double-faced cat named Narnia has been a hit on Facebook, garnering lots of attention for its unique and stunning appearance. It’s safe to say that people will continue to love and appreciate Narnia and its adorable kittens.

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